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Interviewing Your Marketing Firm: How to Find the Right Marketer or Publicist for You

It’s that time again!  Tweet at me for a chance to win a spot at the IAA Global Marketing Summit on April 26 in NYC!
I love meeting new people with great ideas that just need a little promotional push to get their business, event, or product on a roll.  But what I don’t love is [...]

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Event Essentials: Marketing Events and Leveraging Events for Publicity

Get your event on and join Fractured Atlas on Monday 11/7 for Space: Solutions at Gibney Dance Center in NYC to celebrate the launch of NYC Performing Arts Spaces 2.0!

There’s no PR like event PR.  Events are news, events build community, events build brands - and there are infinite opportunities for creativity
In the digital age, [...]

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Spring Clean Your Marketing

It’s that time again: post your own piece of marketing wisdom in the comments or via Twitter (tag us!) and you can win a seat at the IAA Global Marketing Summit in NYC on May 4.
It’s spring, and any devotee of lifestyle magazines or reality TV knows that means makeover.  Time to assess your marketing [...]

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Marketing Your Project: Can You Do It Yourself or Do You Need Professional Help?

Free Marketing Advice?!  I’m answering your questions over at VYou — ask away!
To DIY or not to DIY?  When you’re producing a show, event, or special project on a budget, it’s important to look at every line item and make sure the allotment is realistic for the goals of your production.  Every artist’s instinct is [...]

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Trendwatch: Online Video Marketing

Sigh, reading is soooo boooooring. If you make it to the second paragraph of this article, congratulations, you have a higher attention span than most of the Twitter-verse.

But does your audience? In the age of YouTube, how do you harness the power (and traffic) of video to market yourself, your project, your company? Web video [...]

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Members: Post Your Video on the FA YouTube Channel

Just a reminder… Our weekly Featured Member profiles, posted on this blog, aren’t the only way to become better acquainted with the work of members of the Fractured Atlas community. Come over to the Fractured Atlas YouTube channel and see videos submitted by our members under “Playlists”. Dance, film, theatre, opera, animation [...]

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press relations 101

If you are new to the game of getting press coverage or need a good refresher course, check out this helpful article written by Ron Evans, Director, Local Marketing & Technology at Artsopolis Marketing Partnership &

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