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In Defense of Logic Models

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Last month, my post Creative Placemaking Has an Outcomes Problem generated a lot of discussion about creative placemaking and grantmaking strategy, much of it really great. If you haven’t had a chance, please check out these thoughtful and substantive responses by–just to name a few–Richard Layman, Niels Strandskov, Seth Beattie, Lance Olson, Andrew [...]

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An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Arts Research

(Part of an occasional series on Fractured Atlas’s research philosophy and practices. For more articles, click here.)
As those of you who have been following Fractured Atlas closely may know, we’ve been working on some innovative technological solutions for aggregating and analyzing data about the cultural sector for the past couple of years. This effort is [...]

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On Stories vs. Data

(This is the second in an occasional series on Fractured Atlas’s research approach and philosophy. The first can be found here.)
Many of us, especially if we’ve been present at a Rocco Landesman speech in the past year or so, are probably familiar with the quote widely attributed to W. Edwards Deming: “In God we trust; all [...]

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Why Arts Research is Hard (and Why We Should Do it Anyway)

(This is the first in a series of posts about Fractured Atlas’s research approach and philosophy. Please let us know if you find these interesting and/or helpful!)
I was a participant in a couple of conversations with fellow arts research nerds recently in which we discussed the notion of cause and effect. You remember that one [...]

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