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Supply and Demand (the economic force that dare not speak its name)

So Rocco really stepped in it. The NEA Chairman is under siege because he dared to suggest that perhaps there’s an oversupply of arts organizations relative to the (well-documented) dwindling demand. He’s not the first to bring this up, but it surprised a lot of folks that he used his bully pulpit to express an [...]

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The Top 10 Arts Policy Stories of 2010

Everybody likes a Top 10 list, right? Especially the nerdy ones! So here’s my contribution: the second annual list of the top ten arts policy stories from the past year. You can check out the 2009 edition here.
10. Intrinsic Impact Research Marches On
WolfBrown’s groundbreaking work on measuring “intrinsic impact” (the intangible, hard-to-define effects that arts [...]

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Youth Ascendent

It’s official: Jordan Roth will succeed Rocco Landesman as President of Jujamcyn Theaters. Jordan is now one of the three most important producers on Broadway, joining Shubert’s Philip J. Smith and Nederlander’s James M. Nederlander. The difference is that those guys are 78 and 87 years old respectively; Jordan is 33.
Jordan’s just a few months [...]

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Arlene Goldbard’s Advice to Rocco Landesman

I don’t always agree with Arlene Goldbard, but she’s always a good, thought-provoking read. Her latest blog post addresses Rocco Landesman, the presumptive nominee to chair the National Endowment for the Arts.
I have no doubt that Rocco Landesman has the intelligence to [understand the differences between producing commercial theatre and leading the NEA], and certainly, [...]

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