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Fractured Atlas Book Club: The Freelancer’s Survival Guide

This is my eighth monthly book club blog post and I can finally report that, after frequently soliciting reader suggestions, I am able to feature a title that one of our members endorsed and recommends to their friends. I’ve actually put off reviewing this book on our blog because, when my copy of The Freelancer’s [...]

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Fractured Atlas Book Club: The Zen of Fundraising

I never would’ve guessed that a book called The Zen of Fundraising would dole out some tough love. My mouth dropped on the subway when I read that author Ken Burnett, an international fundraising expert, believes that most donors receive better customer service from their local fast food restaurant (he names a specific chain, but [...]

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Fiscal Sponsorship Survey Results

Wow, we got tons of love from our annual fiscal sponsorship survey!  Check out this word cloud of the most frequent words reported in the survey:

Thank you to the 650 fiscally sponsored projects who took our annual survey early this year!  About 30% of our projects took the survey, which gave us [...]

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The #1 Marketing Mistake Artists Make

It happens with every client whose product is their art. Whether I’m advising on a promotional campaign, revising previously written copy, or advertising a new production, the artist’s reason to produce is all too often presented as the audience’s reason to care.
This is when I put on my Serious Consultant Face and say, “If you [...]

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I Swear We Didn’t Put Him Up to It!

Lamont Wayne, Fractured Atlas member since 2008, created this great little animated video about Fractured Atlas. (Thanks, dude!) Check it out: What is Fractured Atlas? by Chaostoon

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OT: Vote for Chinese Take-Off

Okay, so this is a totally self-serving, off-topic post. I hope you can forgive me.
Here’s the deal: my cousin Jonathan is a finalist for Nikon’s Your Day in 140 Seconds video contest. He’s a complete lunatic, but (in my less-than-humble opinion) a very talented one.
Anyway, it’s down to 50 finalists out of 1250 submissions. The [...]

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Odometer Effect

One of the first things I do every day is check Fractured Atlas’s “membership analytics dashboard” so that I can monitor how many new members have signed up in the last day, week, month, along with the pace of membership terminations, depth of service utilization, etc. (Yes, I know I’m a geek.)
The closest thing to [...]

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Op Ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer

I’ve got an Op Ed in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Here’s the complete text:
America’s artists: Canaries in the health-care mine
America’s two million artists understand what it means to be a worker in the 21st century, independent, untethered, and mostly expected to fend for themselves.
So for them, the number of uninsured Americans isn’t an abstract statistic. It’s [...]

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The Art Purist Slumming in Low Capitalist Constructs

As a kid I wanted to be Janet Jackson.

I played the cassette of her Control album until the tape broke, choreographing routines, imaging the day I would enjoy her fame/fortune and say (with her conviction)…“Now I’m all grown up!”

Well, you can imagine my joy when (at nine years old) my dad put me in the [...]

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Fractured Atlas on NPR’s Morning Edition

NPR ran a feature on Fractured Atlas on this morning’s Morning Edition. You can listen online if you’re interested.  Thanks to Asian Pacific American Film Festival and Catalyst Theater Company for saying nice things about us!

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