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The Patronopolis: Amy Martin

Embracing donor support, musician/songwriter/teacher Amy Martin created The Patronopolis, a new model of funding with an old lineage. Combining traditional patronage with a crowdfunding aesthetic, Amy found a way to acknowledge her longstanding community of donors. As she works with a variety of collaborators on new projects, Amy joined us from Missoula to share more.

You [...]

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Member Profile: Sheila Kerrigan

Member Sheila Kerrigan has been performing and teaching for decades. Her work is an unforgettable blend of mime and theater that tackles “big ideas” like success and failure (in a non-scary way.) Sheila shares some of her wisdom with us, and talks about her latest productions!
How you define yourself as an artist?

I’m a mime, a [...]

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Will This ‘Reality Check’ Bounce?

There are ways one can keep hope during tough economic times. Hold the vision for arts education while you take positive action to improve yourself and to inform your community of the importance of the arts.

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What Constitutes Quality in Teaching Artistry?

What are important things to consider when thinking of quality in Teaching Artistry? Consider the lasting impact of your work with students and to the meaningful connections you can make to their lives.

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City of Angels (as in Los Angeles, not the musical)

Dianne and I recently returned from a lengthy trip to Los Angeles, where we had many great meetings, took in some outstanding art, and met some very interesting artists.

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Survey for Teaching Artists

Our friends over at the Association of Teaching Arts (a New York state organization) are currently hosting a survey to find out what are meaningful, supportive, and sustainable employment environments for the work of a teaching artist.

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Featured Member: Dreamtime Circus

San Francisco-based Dreamtime Circus is a troupe of self-described “fire fairies, clowns, musicians, and all types of other magical and fantastical creatures” who not only entertain, but aim to empower and uplift youth, enrich communities, and build cross-cultural relationships through arts education and performance art.

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Teaching Artists in LA Urgently Need Your Help!

We just received word from Arts for LA, the leader in arts advocacy for the Los Angeles area, that the local school district has frozen all funds until the state government reconvenes in January.  For artists specifically, this means that all teaching artists and arts organizations that work within that school district will have significantly [...]

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