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Capturing the Gen-Y Audience

The hot topic among my marketing peers of late has been Gen-Y. Ah, the millenials, the twenty-somethings, the first-adopters.  The target audience for buzz-building brands, and for the arts, your audience of tomorrow… or possibly sooner.
At the recent, excellent L2 Generation Next Forum in New York, a series of rapid-fire presenters shared insights on some [...]

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Start with Strategy

Let’s take a moment, shall we, to get back to basics.
Yesterday, a lighting company contacted me about crafting their marketing strategy. When I asked for background on the company, the owner sent me a recently written press release, and at our meeting today, showed me their logo, website, postcards, and briefed me on recent events. [...]

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Fractured U. Goes Free!

Yes, it’s true! Though we have already told you about a few of our online courses and have noted that enrollment fees would be required to access them, we’re scrapping those fees entirely.

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Never Stop Learning (A Challenge to Get Your Ass to Class)

(Win a ticket to the IAA Global Marketing Summit this April in NYC by commenting on this post! Scroll down for details…)

Hey, remember college? Your primary responsibilities included keg party attendance, trying to land an unpaid internship, and considerately scheduling dorm room makeouts around your roommate. Oh right, and learning.

Professional life is, admittedly, quite different: [...]

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Trendwatch: Online Video Marketing

Sigh, reading is soooo boooooring. If you make it to the second paragraph of this article, congratulations, you have a higher attention span than most of the Twitter-verse.

But does your audience? In the age of YouTube, how do you harness the power (and traffic) of video to market yourself, your project, your company? Web video [...]

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Members: Post Your Video on the FA YouTube Channel

Just a reminder… Our weekly Featured Member profiles, posted on this blog, aren’t the only way to become better acquainted with the work of members of the Fractured Atlas community. Come over to the Fractured Atlas YouTube channel and see videos submitted by our members under “Playlists”. Dance, film, theatre, opera, animation [...]

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Download + Practice + Upload = Carnegie Hall? Maybe…!

In only the last week I’ve heard about several innovative ways that musicians are using the internet to not only connect with one another, but to collaborate and produce finished pieces of music despite limitations of distance, time and physical space. Good ideas are meant for sharing…

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The Rise of the Contest

You might have noticed this already, but there are a whole lot of arts contests swirling around nowadays. From Fractured Atlas’ video contest that happened last year (non-profit), to the Doritos spot during a recent Superbowl (for-profit), to public art design contests in almost every major city (government). I even just found a [...]

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Do you support the arts on YouTube?

Fractured Atlas is sponsoring a contest on YouTube to promote the creation of an “Art and Writing” category. Entries should answer the question, “Is there a place for traditional arts in new digital media?” (We didn’t come up with that question, but we agree it’s a good one!)
Here are the full contest rules [...]

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Member Profile #3: Lauren Zito

Name: Lauren Zito
Website: or
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Artistic Discipline: Film/Video
Fractured Atlas Member Since: January 2007
Fractured Atlas Services Used: Film & Equipment Liability Insurance, Health Insurance

Today, we’re featuring Lauren Zito, a teacher, filmmaker, and actress residing in Pittsburgh. Currently, Zito is working on a long-term web serial video project titled “The Weakness.” The video [...]

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