Inspired by music and unique beats, I reach for an internal and honest response to the music as well as developing the internal rhythm within the body. My work is emotionally centered allowing the audience accessibility to their own internal dialogue. I work with an eclectic vocabulary of movement styles and an intuitive play with specific body initiation, negative space, and variation in timing. I create dance that is able to morph then flow, expand and contract, seem weightless then heavy. The movement emerges from bone and muscle finding its beginning and end in the proximal body as well as the distal edges of the kinesphere. My movement is voluminous, full of passion, frustration, and sensitivity; vacillating between expansive fits of movement and refined shifts in detail taking the body to its extreme.

Felecia has studied yoga for the past 9 years and recently received her certification to teach in 2008 from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC. Felecia is also a professional dancer who received her BFA from the University of Montana. As a dancer she understands the body-mind connection as well as proper alignment. She believes that yoga is fantastic physical practice and form of exercise but has also found a spiritual outlet though the practice. As a new mother Felecia is very excited to follow her passion for yoga and journey deeper into pre-natal yoga, as well as restorative, and focusing on women's issues.

Class Description
Felecia teaches a Vinyasa Yoga. Students are encouraged to find personal self expression though the poses as well as devotion within their own practice. The class is designed to build strength and flexibility, as well as stamina and grace.

imMe designs is created and hand made by FeleciaMaria. All are unique, one of a kind pieces made from comfortable, knit fabric. Every piece, whether worn as an ensemble or mixed and matched, can be worn casually or dressed up to suit your fancy. imMe designs' clients love that they can wear the pants to yoga class or dress them up with sexy boots for a night out.

FeleciaMaria's creativity and style are reflected in her work. Her comfortable, stretchy and well-constructed active wear makes you feel good while looking good in class or rehearsal. The goal is to create items that can go from morning till night, be dressed up or down, and make the transition from studio to street.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of ImmeDance/ImmeYoga/ImmeClothing at this time.
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