International Culture Lab

International Culture Lab is a performing arts organization dedicated to providing opportunities for artists from across the world to explore contemporary issues through jointly created projects.

We believe that as artists representing the United States, we have a responsibility to both contextualize and promote the diversity of culture in the world, using our art to encourage, celebrate and learn from cultural difference. To that end, ICL collaborates with artists from other countries, thus countering stereotypes and promoting the rich examination of the shared human condition that can occur when multiple points of view come together across metaphorical and physical borders.

In addition to the presentation of plays, ICL promotes dialogue across cultures through training, workshops, translations, educational partnerships with universities and research travel. It then shares its findings with members of the community not traditionally encouraged to participate in artistic dialogue, including but not limited to business, social organizations, merchants, and politicians.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of International Culture Lab at this time.
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