Adventure Children's Theatre/ Adventures with Zero and Somebuddy

Adventure Children's Theatre has a 3 fold focus: creating bold new works for the stage, fostering community and putting the play back in the play.
From an artistic stand point we draw on a wide variety of theatrical traditions and styles from American musical theatre and classic 19th century melodrama to French farce and Italian Commedia Dell'arte from mask, puppetry and clown to vaudeville and slapstick.

From a community stand point
the experience of putting on an all school play (grades K-6th) in a week brings parents, teachers and children together in a wonderfully unique way.They become united in a common celebration of their work.

From a kid stand point, it has to be fun for everyone on stage,with up to 50 kids in a cast, that means Ensemble with a capital E!The telling of the story becomes play when the show becomes a game that everyone can win.

Adventures with Zero and Somebuddy, an original clown duo combine a high energy, fast paced performance style with broad physical comedy, a love of music & wacky sound effects,a smattering of circus skills, some big silly puppets and last but not least a fun loving participating audience to create "Clowntoons" live action cartoons! Our goal is to use "Clowntoons" (cue Superhero music!)for GOOD! By creating community events celebrating the arts with fun, food and family and to add fun entertainment to existing events in communities that cannot afford it.

Sponsored since May 30, 2008
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