Agape Arts Collective

Agape (ah gah' pay) n. 1 universal love 2 respect 3 charity

Agape Arts Collective is dedicated to educating, entertaining, and elevating our communities by providing affordable and accessible services and events that help preserve and develop respect for the arts, culture, diversity, and community. Agape Drum & Dance and Agape Namasté are components of Agape Arts Collective.

The arts show us that within the human spirit there is a common language that can express our personal and collective stories, transcend our individual and cultural differences, and heal us and our communities on many levels. Agape Arts Collective, Agape Drum & Dance, and Agape Namasté have collaborated with such organizations, companies, and venues as Elements, Devotion Yoga, NY Dance Parade, Globaille, Bowery Poetry Club, Alma NYC, and South Street Seaport Soul Series.

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Sponsored since May 31, 2008
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