Arts Of Understanding

Arts of Understanding honors and promotes the dynamic union of art, understanding and spirituality in the modern world.

Arts of understanding are creative expressions that originate from awareness and compassion. They have the potential to heal our suffering and to transform our communities. They may manifest in any form, color or style. They are always alive and immediate.

In the modern world, despite extraordinary technological advances in the area of communication, we find ourselves more disconnected and isolated than ever. The arts of understanding transcend divisions and prejudices. They reconnect us with ourselves and with each other. Therefore the arts of understanding are a vital component in cultivating harmony, well-being, and global societies of peace.

Arts of Understanding is dedicated to preserving, nurturing, and celebrating these dynamic living traditions, old and new, around the world.

Arts of Understanding serves the global public by:
o providing unprecedented access to diverse works of arts of understanding through exhibitions and events both online and locally.
o ensuring the vitality of the arts of understanding for future generations. AOU supports artists and mentoring programs with particular emphasis on ”˜endangered’ as well as ”˜emerging’ traditions arts of understanding.
o providing access to educational information and resources about the arts of understanding.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Arts Of Understanding at this time.
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