A Festival of Fools

Mission Statement
A Festival of Fools is a theater company centered on myth, mask, and poetry.

It is our mission to provide audiences with an experience that serves
as a retreat from the mediums of film and television. Using a
template inspired by the Elizabethan verse play, we are committed to
placing language at the forefront of our productions as a mechanism
through which to explore mythology and folklore. At the same time, we
seek to visually captivate through acrobatics and mask. We are
determined to stage effective productions of established verse plays,
but it is our primary goal to produce new ones tailored for a
contemporary audience, in regards to length, and vernacular. It is
our deepest feeling that focusing on these elements will allow us to
provide our audience with engaging and exciting performances that are
both cost efficient and affordable.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of A Festival of Fools at this time.
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Raised $5,000