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In Our Words Project - A collection of stories from people like you, being performed by people like
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The In Our Words Project is a collection of stories from people like you being performed by people like you.

There are four ways you can get involved.

1. Share a Story: People who want tell a story will fill out a simple form. Then we go to work. Our interview team selects the people we are able to interview. We then excerpt one story told during each interview, transcribe the story, and add it to our online library.

2. Perform a Story: We use the word 'perform' loosely. Browse the stories on our website. Then give us your take. Upload a video, to your video platform of choice, of you reading the story aloud or performing it in a way that works for you. Then through a simple form, share your video with us. We will review the video and add it to our website if it meets our basic criteria.

3. Use the Stories: These are real stories from real people that cover a variety of topics from gender, LGBTQ, Race, War, Childhood, Death & Dying, etc. Feel free to use the stories as performance material, or as part of education or advocacy work you are doing.

4. Commission the In Our Words Project to work with your group. We are fully equipped to come to you and either stage collections of stories from our collection, or go through the process of extracting stories from your group members and sculpting them into a staged performance piece with your group.

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