CAREGIVERS, a film about the emotional impacts upon professionals who care...

Our goals for the CAREGIVERS film project, are to produce a 20 minute training DVD, which we are happy to report has been recently completed(!), and a full length broadcast quality documentary for the general public, which is currently in early stages of production. The films portray the dramatic personal stories and at times powerful emotional impacts upon professional caregivers themselves of their work with traumatized patients or clients. We will hear and see from behind the scenes remarkable social workers, nurses, therapists, child welfare workers and public servants and learn how they try to cope with "secondary trauma", which can be absorbed on their jobs as they empathically assist wounded, traumatized people.

In addition to the films, we offer a workshop on secondary trauma to interested professional groups: "When Trauma or Death Occurs on the Caseload: Ways of Supporting Staff and Clients/Patients and Promoting Learning".

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