The Tramaine Experience

Make a secure online donation to our non-profit business "TheTramaineExperience" to help us raise for our September events at American Theatre of Actors fostered by the producers of "Wicked", The Araca Group, and Syracuse University Drama! Help us give back!

Team TTE is comprised of four strategically diverse individuals, also friends, who possess equally strong drive, ample work ethic, and deeply intimate connections to the rigors of inner city life. Cultivated organically by means of universal law: "likeness attracts likeness," TTE finds commonality in their desire to take part in work grounded in empowerment, enlightenment & entertainment. "TheTramaineExperience: AnUrbanDramedy" and its potential to successfully accomplish such an endeavor, has provided the perfect outlet for actor and writer Tramaine Montell Ford (BFA Acting/Psychology- Syracuse University), co-writer and dramaturg Evan McGee (BA Journalism/Psychology- NYU & Columbia University), Production Designer & Tech Director Gette Levy (BFA Design Tech- Syracuse University), and Marketing & Branding Director Rainey Cruz (BA Advertising/Journalism Mass Communications- College of Mt St. Vincent). In recognizing the need for greater spiritualistic & humanistic altruism in disenfranchised inner city communities, Team TTE firmly believes that this piece will not only provide a stepping stone for the "mute" & "invisible" to be heard, seen, & felt in a fresh, dynamic way, but also serve & resonate as a universal message of hope, faith & perseverance over seemingly insurmountable odds that allows for as large and diverse a demographic reach as possible.

"TheTramaineExperience: AnUrbanDramedy" is a fresh, hip, art house theatrical work emerging from a burgeoning generation of thought and performance art. Set in inner-city Chicago, this hilarious and touching One Man Show highlights the humanity all people share beyond stereotypes created by environmental and experiential circumstances. American actor, singer, dancer, comedian Tramaine Montell Ford takes us on a wild and raw journey to the Cabrini Green Projects where he grew up in Chicago and takes us out with pride, introducing us to five unforgettable characters and their dreams of blossoming.

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