". . . and then God created woman"

“. . . and then God created woman” is a touring collaborative theater project and a dynamic synthesis of poetry, monologue, music, and sound. It narrates how one woman overcomes a series of devastating romantic relationships to emerge as an agent of positive change in her community and our world. Told alternatively by Weird, an ancient wordsmith and Tale (pronounced Ta-leh), an emerging artist, the work explores the transformative power of poetry, music, and visual art and their connections to memory, spirituality, and human evolution. The core narrative can accommodate the work of several “voices and visions,” with parts for local actors/spoken word artists, vocalists, dancers, and musicians. Thandiwe Shiphrah, working in week-long residencies (with composer Daniel Arite), will integrate material by talented artists who live in the cities where the project is to be performed. “. . . and then God created woman” employs a structured but flexible compositional form (called audio collage) that allows various elements of musical theater (monologue/dialogue/music/dance) to be woven into the core narrative. The production features original music, creative costuming, and fantastic visual imagery. Each performance will be a unique experience that brings a message of oneness, celebrates women’s creativity and honors humanity’s connection to the earth, our ancestors, each other, and to future generations.

About the Project Director

Thandiwe Shiphrah is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the link between the arts, life enrichment, and the development of healthy communities. Throughout her career, she has used poetry and other art forms to help adults and youth explore the creative process, find inspiration, and express themselves with greater freedom and authenticity – with particular emphasis on nurturing the talents of women.

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