Appetite For Luxury

Appetite For Luxury is a new play based on the New York high end fashion scene. Written by John Eligon (writer for the NYT)
This original play takes place at the heart of the metropolis on fifth avenue at the high-end fashion store "Vittorio" of New York City, where the free fall of the stock market crash is affecting the buoyancy of high-end retail, forcing the sales associates to downgrade on their already risky shopping habits and their pretentious life style. We see their worlds collide when they are told by their manager that they all have three months to improve sales or there will be an imminent lay off. Complications arise when the shark in each of the sales people comes out. Each already trying to work out his or her own agenda, they out do each other on a commission driven sales floor by stabbing each other in the backs in order to keep their jobs. As the dysfunctional staff goes on this three-month survival journey, they learn that sometimes it is best not to stab each other in the back, but perhaps actually work together to save everyone’s job. As much as this story is wrapped around with delicate silk, embossed leather, luxurious crocodile skins and pricy pieces of jewelry it is still a story about people's hearts and unfulfilled dreams and aspiration.

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