The Whaling Wall by Knox Martin

The Whaling Wall by Knox Martin

The Whaling Wall is a public mural by Knox Martin.

In 1971, Knox Martin was scuba diving in the Bay of Cortez when he encountered a whale face to face. Martin writes: “I thought I was sinking or that the ocean floor was rising. It was a whale rising up and I was at the eye level of the whale...I was certain I was viewing an intelligence. When I moved to the surface the whale had vanished. The impression indelible. I still see this at point: the great eye regarding me.”

The Whaling Wall depicts man’s killing of the whales. It is a metaphor for peace and a call for humanity.

The Whaling Wall will be premiered as a public mural at 334 Grand Street, New York, NY; corner of Grand and Ludlow Streets facing west.

The realization of Knox Martin's 7th NYC public artwork is made possible by the commitment of the following: Artist Knox Martin has envisioned and will donate his painting to the public to raise awareness; Mr & Mrs. Kevin Downey have donated their building’s exterior wall; Golden Artist Colors, Inc. will provide custom paint; Woodward Gallery has coordinated and will curate the project.

It is the Artist Knox Martin’s intention to provide his mural at other specifically selected sites throughout the world to raise international attention to the plight of the whales.

The Whaling Wall requires financial assistance. Funds are needed for the installation: the rigger, workmen, equipment and insurance. We are asking you to participate with us in this project.

Your support will save the whales!

The Whaling Wall youtube video:

Please see Knox Martin's Greenpeace blog:

We appreciate the support of Greenpeace in our shared vision of protecting whales worldwide.

Photo: Knox Martin and The Whaling Wall maquette
©2012 Knox Martin/VAGA New York NY (photo by G. Ryan)

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