A Pubilc Art Project where I am collaborating with Artists and Students to create 1.1 million images

1.1 is a public art project in which I am partnering with artists and students throughout the five boroughs to create 1.1 million life size images of children, one for every child in a NYC public school.
The life size portraits will be created by artists and / or students in the medium of their choice, after artiists conduct workshops at each of the over 1700 NYC public schools and meeting each and every young person in those schools.

The final 1.1 million images created by the artists will be installed in schools, playgrounds, public spaces and galleries throughout the five boroughs. Every school will have the option of keeping a portion or all of the artists' final images of their students.
This monumental work will bring attention to public school children across the city and generate dialogue between students, teachers, parents, administrators, artists and the public at large. It will be a voice for children and the needs of public schools.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of 1.1 at this time.
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