Operation Superpower

Justice Outreach is a music-oriented organization that consists of composer Armand Ranjbaran and operatic baritones John Brancy and Tobias Greenhalgh. We use classical music to inspire students of all ages to discover their talents which we refer to as “superpowers.” For example, Armand’s superpower is composing while John and Tobias’ superpower is singing.

Our first outreach program is entitled “Discovering Your Superpower.” It is the first SUPERHERO-oriented classical music experience for students. John and Tobias perform on stage as superheroes in the music Armand has written. This performance expresses the “Five Elements of being a Superhero”: COURAGE, HOPE, HONESTY, IMAGINATION and FRIENDSHIP. These principles support students in the discovery and development of their own unique superpowers while also addressing the ever-present issue of bullying.

Through school visits, community events and orchestral children’s and subscription concerts, we introduce our message through classical music. This supports our other goal: using the fun and excitement of superheroes to raise awareness and build new audiences for the symphony orchestra at a grass roots level.

We were fortunate enough to run our program with the Peoria Symphony in April 2011 where we reached out to over 5000 students in a single week. Our goal is to continue our program with as many orchestras as possible.

Our three goals:
1. To utilize the excitement and positive ideal of superheroes to introduce students of all ages to classical music.

2. To raise awareness and bring new audiences to the symphony orchestra and other classical music institutions.

3. To inspire all students to discover their talent, which we refer to as a "superpower."

Sponsored since Oct 24, 2011
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