Rough House Theater

The Rough House is a puppet and object-based theater company located in Chicago. We devote ourselves to creating contemporary and fantastic adult puppet theater using music, found or recycled objects, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We believe that theater should be wild, beautiful, brutal and always sincere.

By employing the empathetic nature and imaginative possibilities of puppets, we tell and sing stories that cannot be told by human actors alone. Likewise, we know that without the performer, an object is lifeless; thus, we embrace visible human players on stage rather than hide them behind mask or curtain. We fight for the enduring humanity that resides within analog art forms and lo-fi sound amidst a world of ubiquitous digitization. We seek to bring new life to old objects that society is quick to dispose of and eager to forget. Our work balances the Elegant with the Rough.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Rough House Theater at this time.
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