Club Conscious

A bright spot in the landscape of Silicon Valley.

Club Conscious Community Center, where community comes together in sacred space to be seen and heard. The center is an inclusive gathering space for people to share inspiration, support and collective wisdom; reestablishing trust and cohesion, shared responsibility, individual and community recovery, healing and awareness for creating spirit based cultural change and purposeful living.

Club Conscious Community Center is a service to community. Currently renting temporary space when it's available weekly and monthly, we are in need of a permanent building for our community to gather together. The community offering includes a dedicated library, conscious dancing (Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley), wisdom circles for women, men and children, community council, one-on-one mentoring, sustainable education, donation yoga (including yoga for special needs and chronic pain, including cancer patients), drum circles and journeys, elder wisdom, contact improvisation, performance art, workshops, outreach, community fundraising, worship space, movement meditation, safe space for full expression, shared space for community rentals and more. Your donations and your memberships support of all levels is appreciated.

Sponsored since Jan 31, 2012
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