Cecily and Gwendolyn's Fantastical...."

Making the world a funnier, more connected place one FANTASTICAL at a time!

"Cecily and Gwendolyn's Fantastical..." is an ongoing, ever-evolving, audience-interactive, improvisational theater and social science experiment.
Philadelphia theater artists and veteran improvisers Kelly Jennings and Karen Getz, are Cecily Marlborough and Gwendolyn Hamm, two time-traveling Victorian social anthropologists. Finishing their treatise on human cultures throughout time, they gather data on the modern world through various "Fantasticals"- anthropological field studies framed as "audience-interactive theater,” wherein willingly-gathered test subjects (“audiences”) enjoy tea, biscuits and an hysterically playful but elucidating experience as the focus of an empirical and interactive examination of their unexamined, every day lives.
Through the completely improvised, playroom format, Cec and Gwen turn their own naive, clinical, slightly wacky, Victorian lens on our habits, rituals and belief systems, generating discoveries, conversations, and instant community in a room initially filled with strangers.
This year, in an effort to combat the vitriol, rhetoric and cynicism of a deeply divided country during an election year, Cecily and Gwendolyn are conducting The Fantastical Anthropological Inquisitorial Probe, “The Great Experiment” or How Does Democracy Actually Work?”
Within the safe framework of the playroom science lab created by “The Fantastical,” Cec and Gwen hope to illuminate long held, unexamined beliefs and ideas about U.S. democracy, creating a forum for actual discourse which might generate real ideas, real conversations and real connections between the individual Americans in our audiences.

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