Big Sur Camp School

RealTime Studio fundraising drive, to upgrade an exisitng buidling to be used as a classroom

Big Sur Camp School is focused on design for the future, using integrative and team teaching of methods to create sustainable arts and design for the future, using knowledge gained in an approach to human life which is grounded in artistic response to a variety of types of information including science, math, and the theater arts.. This hand-on creation of new formats is to be expressed by our responses to nature. Models of living environments and art projects based on scientific knowledge as part of the program help to inform students of the unity of knowledge, and to break barriers of artificial division that inhibit learning. Art and music activities will help students learn how to respond creatively to the challenges of modern life.
We are committed to helping under-served youth gain access to the beauty of nature, and to enriching the learning environments of students from all backgrounds.

Sponsored since Apr 30, 2012
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