Contemporary art at the new frontier

BoxoPROJECTS is dedicated to exploring contemporary art at the new frontier. While frontier may conjure a geographic image, it is actually a spirit that lives in many places simultaneously. The artists that BoxoPROJECTS cooperates with address a range of subjects, in a variety of media, working freely, boldly and independently. Some are located in places that nurture the open spirit, while others create their own free space within the metropolitan fabric. These artists engage a dialogue concerning freedom, choice and responsibility. BoxoPROJECTS fosters their work and is their conduit to a wider audience.

BoxoPROJECTS operates through parallel and related activities:
BoxoHOUSE,in Joshua Tree, CA,is a research outpost for the investigation and development of ideas related to place, community and the environment. The residency is designed to create an inspirational clearing outside of one’s everyday context and to provide access to a welcoming community of artists, musicians, writers and independent thinkers within an area of outstanding natural beauty.

BoxoOFFICE, in New York City, provides the opportunity for artists to be seen and heard through exhibitions and programming by BoxoHOUSE residents and other members of the BoxoPROJECTS community. BoxoFFICE installations are an alternative to the traditional exhibition model. By blurring private and public space, artist and audience alike are able to consider the integration of art into the everyday.

BoxoOFFICE provides a welcoming space for dialog and creating community in the art sphere.

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Power a residency with electricity, water and the web.

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Throw an open house for the community to engage with an artist

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Feed a resident artist's body and soul

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Provide a resident artist with studio space in which to create

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Provide a resident artist with studio space in which to create and equipment with which to work

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