Children of Humla

For Karynn Pauly, Nepal was just the first stop on an around-the-world adventure. While teaching English to young orphaned children at a monastery in Kathmandu, Karynn uncovered the tragic story about how these young boys came to be there. The monks had come from the District of Humla, a breathtakingly-beautiful place tucked away in the northwest corner of Nepal, at the base of the Himalayas. The most remote and impoverished region of the country, it is home to an ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture and a small population of incredibly resilient people. Humla’s elders have witnessed the decline of their culture as many of the youngest generation have left Humla due to civil war, extreme poverty and the threat of child trafficking. A small group, lead by ex-monk Chembal Lama, have made it their mission to reverse this trend and help preserve the culture and traditions of Humla forever.

In May of 2012, Karynn returned to Nepal with film producer Charles Atkinson of North 40 Productions on a three-week scouting mission. They returned with spectacular footage and a gripping story that demands to be told. “Children of Humla” is a non-profit film that will document Karynn and Charles’ adventures and discoveries as they experience Kathmandu, trek through the unforgiving Himalayas, and meet the children who hold the key to Humla’s future.

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