Andrea LaHue aka Random Act

Flowers for the People

Andrea LaHue, aka Random Act, is widely recognized for her monumental botanical paintings across America. As an Army brat and former model, her travels exposed her to art throughout Europe and the Americas and inspired her to uplift and instigate with her paintings. She has shown in Los Angeles, New York and Paris and on the streets of 51 U.S. Cities. Newspapers, including The Huffington Post, NBC News and The Associated Press, have featured her murals and millions have seen her contributions to projects for Martha Stewart Living and How I Met Your Mother.

LaHue’s socially conscious art ranges from giant murals to delicate historical portraits. She is erasing the boundaries between street art, public art and fine art.

About Random Act Projects:

My Project is to support my ongoing public work such as "Cross-Country Random Acts of Flowers," centered around giant botanicals painted in cities across the country to uplift communities in the midst of a war and depression. This also includes painting for schools and community events such as "Love Letters" where the community comes out to express themselves on a "curated Street Art wall" in Los Angeles. Public painting for charities and multiple charitable donations of artwork are also continually requested and honored.

There is a blog with information for Artists as well as the Community here: . I would like this blog to grow a porthole of information for highlighting community building through public art, guidance for emerging artists, with a special interest in street art, the cord it has struck with communities world wide and its arrival as a voice in art.

Finding venues and funding for the continually evolving “Americana Project” are also on the agenda, where resonant themes of the American psyche are illuminated. The audience is taken on a dynamic journey through iconic images such as Abraham Lincoln, Gil Scott-Heron and Woody Guthrie. Including their writing, relevant maps, video clips, icons and images from the cross country journey. Punctuating, actors perform The Gettysburg Address written by Abraham Lincoln and The Revolution Will Not Be Televised written by Gil Scott-Heron, and a musician performs Americana classics such as This Land Is Your Land, This Land is My Land, written by Woody Guthrie. Deepening the experience and reflecting the cooperation within a vibrant Street Art culture, “AMERICANA” also features several collaborations with artists such as Bryan Snyder and Lydia Emily.

I believe I am uniquely poised to benefit the public with the nature of my work and the knowledge I have and continue to gain and share.

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