I call myself a theatre artist because I also act and write. My primary focus and love is direction.

I’ve always been fascinated with what’s above us and just beyond our understanding. The spirituality found within theatre is unquestionable. We can look all the way back to the greeks as an example of how spirituality and theatre make a powerful mix. Both share a commonality in that they ask questions that have answers that are just out of reach. These questions also play a part in our look on the world.

As theatre artists, we do what many people can't afford to do day to day. We lay bare our points of view. I believe one's point of view holds their vulnerability and that's why people come to the theatre. To see a honest POVs in a safe environment.

In my work as a director, I believe my job is to facilitate the POV of every artist in the process and make sure that they all work in tandem. I strive to create an environment where actors, playwrights, designers can form specific, well crafted, bravely explored, and expressed POVs. I want artists, in collaboration with me, to leave their mark on the question(s) in exploration.

I believe in an open room where artists can feel free to ask questions and push the form. I believe in instinctual staging with some auteurship for specific moments. I am fascinated with plays that feature archetypes. I believe archetypes can be the embodiment of the questions above us. I find it fascinating to open an ideal and find out what really makes it tick.

PoP Theatre Project
Chicago, Il
Theatre Artist/Artistic Director
My Work in the Arts
Acting, Cultural policy, Directing, Environmental art, Film/Video, Interdisciplinary, Management, Performance art, Performing arts (other), Playwriting, Research, Storytelling, Theatre
All types of theatre and other artists. Collaboration is the thing that saved my life and I'm always look for new and exciting ways to work with artists inside and outside of the theatre.
Collaborators and Colleagues... I've started a 4 year long term theatre project called PoP Theatre Project here in Chicago. I'm looking for arts administrators who would be passionate about growing such a project.
Ask and I will tell you what I can offer!
Fiscal Sponsorship
PoP Theatre Project
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