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  • Good Morning

    Here’s my first film I created on my YouTube channel. This was based on a stage piece I created some years ago, but I adapted it with new music and of course… it’s on video. This, along with upcoming projects, are heavily inspired by Rowan Atkinson’s character Mr. Bean. His physical comedy and finding humor […]

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  • Introduction to My First YouTube Short

    On Friday I shot my first short for my new YouTube channel. It was lots of fun! I didn’t realize until later how much fun I was having while shooting it. But I was in the zone, the fun creative state of play that is natural to artists. I’m so glad I’ll be doing this […]

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  • I am the Awesome Web Guy

    Sort of sounds like a super hero. Hadn’t thought of that before. But that’s not what it is, at least not yet. It’s my latest business project! Awesome Web Guy is my new moniker for doing web work. My services have evolved since just doing custom web design. I tend to do more random web […]

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  • Calling all actors who need websites

    This week I launched a new service for actors in LA. I’d grown tired of seeing friends with an embarassingly amateur looking online presence… Either from paid services that just aren’t up to snuff, or lack of funds to get those services. There are an infinite number of ways for actors to write a check, […]

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  • Arts Reach Conference Time!

    Somehow I’ve been asked to speak on a panel at an arts marketing conference. I’m an actor, so I should be able to pretend like I know what I’m talking about. But seriously folks, there’s gonna lots of cool people talking about lots of cool things. I’m excited for it. Let me know if you’ll […]

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  • Why Being Shy About Promoting Your Show Could Be Hurting People

    From a very young age we learn that selling is bad. Anyone who is constantly pushing their goods or services and doesn’t take no for an answer shouldn’t be trusted. We’re taught that any sort of marketing might be unethical. We’re taught to be bashful when it comes to promotion. We don’t want to bug […]

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  • This Post is About the Human Condition

    I had been thinking a lot last month about the silly cliches we use to tell people about the shows we produce, largely inspired by a post by Howard Sherman. There are some gems on there. Oh, and there’s a follow up post with even more good ones. Then I stumbled across an article on […]

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  • Stop Making Excuses for Non Profits

    Non Profit is not a business model. It’s a tax distinction. It means the organization fits within a set of guidelines created by the IRS to allow them to accept tax-deductable donations and not have to pay taxes on income related to their mission. THAT’S ALL IT MEANS. Nowhere does it say that we can […]

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  • Making Your Website “Grandma Proof”

    Nothing against grandmas or their computer skills, and yes their are many grandmas who are quite computer savvy. That said… A big way I hear people reference usability (or lack thereof) of websites is “even my grandma can/can’t use it.” Now that flashy, sparkly, sardine-can-style-packed-information is no longer the norm for websites (but still present […]

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  • 5 Things Movie Theaters Must Do To Survive

    I don’t usually go to see new movies in theaters. The past week I’ve gone 3 times, reminding me that I have strong opinions about why I think they usually suck. Movie theaters used to be the only method of distribution for films. They adapted when TV came out with color, then widescreen, then big […]

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