Hollis Bartlett is a passionate advocate for the arts, a progressive culture warrior and a working artist with a focus on dance. Since graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in 2010, Hollis has worked with Adam Barruch, Brian Brooks Moving Company, Doug Varone and Dancers, and the Metropolitan Opera. In addition to dancing he is a member of Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee and writes to advocate for dance and the arts.

Brooklyn, NY
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The State of Dance in the Union

  • Rachel Maddow on Dance, Art, and Society
    “Sometimes we choose to serve our country in uniform, in war.  Sometimes in elected office. And those are the ways of serving our country that I think we are trained to easily call heroic. It’s also a service to your country, I think, to teach poetry in the prisons, to be an incredibly dedicated student […]
  • Hello There, Brooklyn Commune!
    Originally posted by Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee Sunday September 22nd, Hollis Bartlett and Alexander Thompson (Dance/NYC Junior Committee’s Chair and Vice-Chair) attended the fourth general meeting of the Brooklyn Commune. The Brooklyn Commune Project is a grassroots initiative organized by Culturebot and The Invisible Dog Art Center to educate, activate and unify performing artists of all […]
  • Call To Action
    “Dance is a field with more guerrillas than institutions” –John Munger, Director of research and information at Dance/USA Dance/NYC’s mission is to strengthen the professional dance field in New York City.  They help to foster a society that appreciates the art of dance and supports the creative process.  In 2007, former Dance/NYC Executive Director Michelle […]
  • Preparing for Albany
    Tomorrow I will join the New York City Arts Coalition and Dance/NYC for ‘Arts Day in Albany’.  As I prepare for many meetings with representatives I have put together some key points, videos, statistics and personal testimony. -Dance/NYC: “This is an important opportunity for the City’s dance community – artists and managers – to meet […]
  • DanceForTheTube 01/2012
    I’ve started a new project…. [music + improvised dance] + YouTube = DanceForTheTube ‘Posse in Effect’ ‘Different Trains’ ‘Rainbow in the Dark’Filed under: Dance Tagged: Beastie Boys, Dance, DanceForTheTube, different trains, Hollis Bartlett, improvised dance, music, posse in effect, Steve Reich
  • Ballet in the 21st Century
    I’ve been surprised by the recent attention ballet has received on national public media: -Jennifer Homans discusses the political and social history of ballet and her new book Apollo’s Angles on NPR: Tracing Ballet’s Cultural History Over 400 Years -NYC Ballet presented George Balanchine’s Christmas classic, The Nutcracker, on PBS Live From Lincoln Center -Alexandra […]
  • Lil Buck in Memphis “Nut Remix”
    Its that time of year; every ballet company and studio across the country is gearing up for the Nutcracker, but in Memphis, TN the New Ballet Ensemble is making a modern day twist on the nutcracker.  Hip Hop dancer Charles Riley (Lil Buck) is back in his hometown to perform in the NBE’s ”Nut Remix” as the Rat […]
  • Mayor Emanuel Proclaims ‘Merce Cunningham Day’
    Filed under: American Culture, American Politics, Dance, Illinois Tagged: American public policy, Chicago, Dance, Illinois, Merce Cunningham, Merce Cunningham Day in Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, regional dance, The State of Dance in the Union
  • Honoring NYC’s Diverse Dance Community
    “Last night at the Bessies the community came together to honor these ‘fleeting moments’, the dance performances in aggregate that were presented in New York last year.  This was the award show’s second year under the direction of Lucy Sexton, who has worked ardently to revitalize the event.  This year Lucy and her team brought […]
  • MRPJ Repost: Jumana Dabis, Amal Khatib and Farah Saleh in conversation with Katie Baer Schetlick
    “Katie Baer Schetlick interviews Jumana Dabis, Amal Khatib and Farah Sale, dancers who she met in Ramallah, Palestine during the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. This is the second in a series of interviews initiated by Schetlick documenting her experience at the festival. Dabas, Khatib and Sale discuss, via Facebook, dancing with Sareyyet Ramallah, a contemporary […]

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