Jason Passmore (b.1974) is an Atlanta based saxophonist and composer that specializes in jazz, acoustic and electro-acoustic music. As a composer/arranger, Jason has written or arranged music for various jazz groups and bands that he has been a member. The styles range from jazz to pop, salsa (Latin) and new age (neo—classical) groups. Jason has written original music for similar groups. As a performer, Jason has played in various ensemble and groups in Atlanta and around the country.

Atlanta, GA USA
My Work in the Arts
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Sax Players Life: Writings of Jason Passmore

  • whats up next
    The spring 2014 semester is over in two weeks. Next month will be one year since I left the Cobb County School System as a music teacher. Parts of me genuinely miss the students and the results of the hard work....thats about it. Everything else..the staff meetings, the disrespect, the long can keep that. I don't mind hard work. I've had to work hard all of my life to get where I am.

    I just don't know what will happen next. I don't know if I'm teaching at GPC this summer and starting in August, I will not be able to teach more than 2 classes a semester, according to the USG (the governing body for the public colleges in GA)

    I've been asked to go down to one day at a particular music store, reducing my student load. Some of my student's had to quit because of sports obligations. I could be upset or look at it as an opportunity to do something else.

    Something that I was reminded of: My life is the result of the decisions that I have made. In the last 5-10 years, I've made some stupid financial decisions and they are now starting to catch up to both of us. Ever felt like a failure? That's how I'm feeling. As a teacher, father, and as a Man. I know I should not feel this way, but that is what keeps coming into my mind. Ive started things and didn't finish. I've made purchases that I shouldn't have. I haven't been the best husband and father lately. The great thing about it all: I can change it ALL...

    I don't have to be a victim...I just have to make better decisions and do things that are best for my family. I turn 40 this year. I want the next 40 years to be better than the first, and they were great for the most part.
  • Oakhurst Jazz Nights
    Last Night, my quartet played in the Oakhurst neighborhood for their annual jazz nights. It was a really great experience, even though we didn't a whole lot of my tunes. Tonight, I'll be playing at Java Monkey with guitarist Eric Maples,playing standards of the jazz repertoire.

    Lately, I've been feeling discouraged. I fell into the trap of looking at everyone else's situation and not being grateful for my life. IF there is something I don't like, I can change it. If I don't like my weight, I can change it. If I don't like the money I make, I can go make more. I just have to decide.
  • A Good weekend
    This past weekend has been pretty good. Friday, my wife and I took the kids out for lunch and just running errands. They were on spring break last week and they needed to get out of the house. Thursday, I played with Jazz Orchestra Atlanta for a concert at Temple Siani. Fun concert and receptive crowd. Saturday I played two gigs. The 1st was with the Guy Fenocchi Project. I've played with Guy before in another group. He asked me to join in on a permanent basis. and I said Yes. It's funny how God closes one door and opens another. Last night I played with the Douglas Cameron Orchestra. There was some tension, but I think they worked through it and the show was fine. Today I taught a few lessons and now getting ready for the week. At GPC we only have about 3 and 1/2 weeks left. I will be glad when its over. The problem is that I don't know if I will be teaching in the summer time. If not, I got to find some quick cash or we'll be in trouble. I know God has a plan, I just got to do the work of hustling and getting my name out there. TTYL
  • writing
    Lately...I've been on a compositional binge. There are so many ideas going through my head. Sometimes I wonder if I should spend more time composing instead of performing. The money in the music business is in writing and production, not necessary performance. Something to think about
  • New release
    In the midst of chaos, I forgot to mention that I have a new single out. It's entitled "Jody's Theme". It was written after my oldest daughter Jody, who is 6 years old. You can find it on iTunes, CD Baby and other media outlets. Click Here to buy it from my site.
  • LIfe is just chaotic....
    I guess our lives are meant to be filled with stuff. There are times I wish i could get away from that stuff and concentrate on what I want to do: Music. But I know life does not work that way. There are good times and there are bad times. It just seems that the bad times make the good ones insignificant. I just want to practice and play my saxophone. Music seems to be the only escape from the everyday grind of life. Its so elusive: playing my instrument. I have to spend time on my craft more than just gig time. I'm not getting any better...
  • Jason....I thought you were blogging
    That was the plan,but I've been so busy and there has been so much drama. This is actually my first post for this year.

    Things have become interesting musically. I have been fired from a particular music group. And I wasn't told why....until I started talking to people. The sad thing about is that I got fired via email. I got fired over a misunderstanding, that could have been worked out (and it still might happen).The leader felt that i should have asked him first  in regards to gigs with my band. I understand that you recorded and played on my CD (which I have been grateful for), but that doesn't mean you get to hijack my group.

    This is the problem with some musicians: they don't treat their playing and their music as a business. As CEO, president and owner of JPASS Music, I decide who I get to hire. I called this same person for a couple of gigs last year and he was not available. He is mad that I didn't call him for a couple of sessions that MY band did. He was even mad over something I did in 2013, but didn't say anything.

    Being upset is understandable, but don't tell everyone else and I hear it second hand is crazy and just rude.

    That's drama no. 1, there more, but this is not the forum for it.

    Part of me misses the classroom; at the same time I don't miss that drama. Ive been teaching private lessons and doing some adjunct teaching and things are working out.

    I've been working on a couple of projects that will (I hope ) bring some more cash into the Passmore bank account. I'll talk more about those later.
  • Looks like its a no-go....
    Due to my resignation from Cobb County Public Schools and the current financial situation of the Passmore Household, I will have to possibly wait to go back to UGA. As much as I want to go back to school, I don't want to go into more debt to major in education( that's another story in itself).

    I looked all summer for a job, went on interviews and sent my resume out to dozens of place. I didnt get hired anywhere. In one school system, certain individuals were sent a reccomendation form and chose not to complete it. I wasn't angry or upset....I just thought they would have the professional courtesy to say they will not write one. Certain individuals just ignored the forms. I know one person didn't get the form because I wrote the wrong email address.

    I'm alright with it. I will just keep moving forward and not dwell on the past.

    Also...I don't know about the situation at GPC. I will know more at the end of today. Hopefully I will be teaching two classes this semester.

    Because of my current situation, I don't know if a major in education is really a good idea. My feelings about the public school system has changed and my reasons for going back no longer apply if I choose not to pursue a public school job. So...right now, I'm at a crossroad. Do I go back for education or do I choose a route in music that I would enjoy more? That's where I'm at now. Only time will tell what will happen.

  • On the up and up
    Things are looking teaching studio has grown over the summer and I've gotten more gigs. By the fall I home to have about 40 students that I'm teaching weekly. I also am teaching more classes at the college. If a full time teaching job happens, that's good. If it doesn't , that's ok. My attitude is that I'm going to do my best to do the right thing a pray. Those are the things I can control, not what people say about me.
  • I'm back....for good
    It has been six months since I wrote one my big reason why. Certain people found out what I wrote and they did not like it. While I was a school teacher, I stopped all together. People read my blog and went and told my principal what I wrote. One of the was a administrator from another school. People should mind their own business. we go.

    1. I have resigned my position as a school teacher....I have had a bad feeling all year long. Based on what I was told, I wasn't wanted back due to some issues I don't want to discuss here. Even though they are not true, I don't thing the administrators wanted to hear them. At our last meeting, one of the said absolutely nothing and I think the person avoided me for the last three weeks of school. I have no way of proving that, but that's how I feel. It's ok...I believe that this was God's plan....the leaving part. In my heart I had really gotten discourage about being where I was. I the three years I was there, I hadn't felt that I was at home. Of course, a job does not provide comfort or's a job. You do the get paid. It wasn't like I wasn't doing the work. I did the best job that I could...unlike some other people there. I was tired of the politics and the crap that went with it. I may end up back at a school, but it was definitely time to go from my last position.

    2. I'm not going to shy away from writing my feelings anymore. I was told not to post them...the funny thing about it was that I stuck to the facts and no one said anything. What did I learn? Stick to the will set you free. Some people can't handle the truth.

    3. If I want to hold down 7 jobs and do things outside of my career, that's my business. I believe there was an issue with some of the activities that I did after school. It was AFTERSCHOOL! People need to stay out of my business. Nothing I was doing after school affected my job performance.

    4. I had never worked with so many people who loved to be in someone else's business. Instead of coming to me...they went to the boss. Get a life!! Grow a pair and come talk to me.

    Ok I'm threw venting for now.....I just never really got a chance to sit and collect my thoughts
  • Happy New Year.....and new purpose
    There has been a lot that went on in the last month.....I won't go into details, but I was happy when the holidays came. It was a time of refocus and setting my sights on new goals.

    Now is 2013 and things to me are clearer than ever before. I know what I need to do and the direction I need to go to reach those goals. Here are some of them....

    1. Pay debts
    2. Write more music
    3. More gigs
    4. Sell more CDs

    There are more of them....I'm just ready to get it done.
  • WOW!!!!!
    After posting my blog of Friday.....within hours, something similar happened AGAIN. This time, we were outside and it was in front of students. I came REAL close to walking away and never going back, but with help I kept my cool. We talked after school and sort of resolved everything.

    Let's just say the actions were forgiven but not forgotten...

    At least I'm around the family this week....I couldn't take it at the other place.

    GPC Jazz Ensemble has a concert tonight....8PM Cole Auditorium on the Clarkston campus.

  • The signs are getting obvious
    Right now, there are some crazy things going on at where I'm currently employed as a teacher...

    I'll give the short version of what happened to me:

    1. My 4th/5th students (Not Chorus) had a program of music to perform. The person in charge knew how many students were expected to show up.

    2.Not as many students showed up and we performed. The kids sounded great.

    3. The person in charge said that things were fine...."Great Job, Mr. Passmore". Little did I know that I was in for a shock

    4. Tuesday I got called to the office and was told that the chorus program is going down hill. Some things were mentioned from my 1st year and 2nd year at the school. BTW, I wanted to talk to him about ideas on how to get more parents and students involved. That's what I thought the meeting was about.

    5. Basically It was the person in charge venting and looking for a fight. I kept my cool and vented to my mom and wife. I didn't want to say anything then because I knew I was upset and I saw that I (and the kids) was lied to on Thursday.

    6. The next day, I get a letter summarizing the conversation and there was some items in there he didn't mention in the meeting about repertoire selection. IF that was a problem, that should have been said in this meeting.

    7. Now I have to show all of this effort...not that I don't do anything. I just have to document.

    I know that God has a plan...It's been on my heart to"find other employment" and do the things in my life that I wanted to do. I have been feeling like I'm getting stuck. I haven't been practicing my saxophone, clarinet or flute as much as I need to maintain professional status. No writing nor recording is happening. Those are the things I went to school for and those are the things I want to pursue.

    3 years ago I felt the same way, but I got transferred. I thought "Maybe I'll give it a year or two, then I will decide". This is  year 3 at where I'm employed and my feelings have not changed. I believe it is time for me to make some changes and it seems as though God is making it obvious for me.

    Now...I'm on the hunt. I want to go back to school and I still love teaching, but I want to be in more control of what I teach, what I give to my students to prepare for performances, etc.. I don't need a politician or someone who knows nothing about what I do telling me when my students can perform and what they will be performing. That should be up to me... and in some cases, the students.

    If you are reading this, just pray that regardless of what happens that I maintain a professional attitude and demeanor...There have been times where I just didn't care. I can't act that way..

    I will keep everyone posted. TTYL.

  • Changes...
    I will be making updates to some of my webpages pretty soon.... : I will be transferring this site to a blog format (blogger, typepad, etc...). I will be a little bit cheaper and I can customize it more. : same as above

    some will be closing due to lack of time.

    That's about it....

    Today I taught lessons and now getting work done....TTYL
  • updates
    Here are a few updates in the life of Jason Passmore

    1. Since I cannot find a way to go back to school for free and maintain the same level of income, I'm not worried about going back to school at this point. This may change, especially if I can get some sort of scholarship. I haven't said anything to my school yet, but I had applied to a cohort and realized that I want to go in another direction. I shouldn't have to keep going to school to earn more money. If I go back, it has to be in an area I want to study.

    2. The Georgia Perimeter College jazz ensemble is in the studio recording a demo of Greg Mclean's charts. Band sonunds really good

    3.I'm currently working on 2 studio projects that should be coming out in 2013.. Samples coming soon

    4. I'm working to start back on a regimented practice schedule for saxophone, clarinet and flute. I understand and realize that I'm doing too much and some things I need to give up on. I've been too stressed and on edge about everything. I need to focus on what's going to bring in more cash and bring my family together. At this point, going back to school will not bring us closer. If anything, we would be torn apart.

    Gotta go TTYL
  • My weekend
    This weekend, I had 3 gigs.....2 went well and the third one: let's say I should have stayed at home.

    On Friday, the gig was with a group that I have played with before in a location I've played a bunch. I'm purposefully keeping everything ambiguous to not use names. The leader complained about my sound....granted I shouldn't use vibrato all the time, but dang dude, make your charts readable: it's called Finale. At the end, instead of saying thanks, it was more complaining and talking about how the music is tough. He should have just been happy that he found musicians at the last minute. The sad thing was nobody was listening the first set. We could have played hot cross buns and no one would have given a s&@! If i had known that the gig was going to be a pain, I would have stayed home and spent time with the family. I probably won't see him for a while. And I got a check that I can't cash until next week. Pay cash dude!!!

    Last night was in Athens with a group of musicians I've played with before. Total opposite of Friday: got treated with respect,got paid in cash, and I got gas money for bringing musicians with me. The room was hard to play in but the gig still went well.

    Today I played with the Drive By Big Band. Due to mis communication, we played outside on the patio.they provided heat and coffee. I didn't want to play in the cold but it really wasn't that bad. Band sounded great and everyone had fun.

    That's my weekend....ttyl
  • It's good
    I have been playing more gigs lately....that's a good thing. I need the money.

    I have been giving some consideration about playing more classical music. I did tons of classical saxophone playing in college and I want to return to some of that literature.  Classical saxophone was never something I wanted to do exclusively, but part of the repertoire of music that I play.

    1/2 of the semester is over. Kids are actually singing and playing well, I home it continues throughout the rest of the year.

    Look for a new website pertaining to saxophone lessons and tips http:// It's no where near ready, but it will be up soon.

    I'm currently working on a solo saxophone record with tracs with effects, and some with just me playing a tune. Samples coming soon

    See you soon....
  • What a month
    It has been a crazy last month....I went through a period of having 9 playing jobs in 11 days. Then a week of 6 playing jobs, with three last Saturday. All I can say is "God is good.."

    I was looking for some of my classical repertoire for some music to work up for an audition. I've realized that majoring in education is KILLING my playing career. This has been an emotional roller coaster for me for years . I enjoy what I do as a teacher, but I want to stretch out and be more creative. Going to school for an education degree will not help me be more creative.

    I just don't want to waste my time....I feel that I've been doing that for about 7 years. I'm not worried about the money...even though that has been wasted. I don't want to look back and realize that I did nothing that I wanted to or dream about accomplishing. If I stay in the education route, I have a feeling that I will look back with regret. This does not mean that I'm leaving education....maybe a change in direction.


  • Satin Alley Jazz gig

    On Thursday, I performed with Satin Alley Jazz for Roswell's "Alive after 5". It is a really neat idea with food, live music and good sprits. The band sounded great tonight...I felt for me personally it was one of my worst nights performing. I was missing stuff that most high school players would get right.

    My flute playing was terrible. I need to get that thing overhauled and get the leaks removed AND I need to practice more. I couldn't find a good reed on tenor. It just seemed like everything was going wrong. I just didn't feel line I was focused on the gig....I was thinking about everything else. I don't think I'm stressing out, but there has been "stuff" happening in the life of the Passmore family.

    Regardless of what's going on,  I need to keep my head in the game...or I won't have a gig.

    On a good note, I got to play with Braves organist Matthew Kaminski. He was called to fill the piano chair for this gig. We had went to school together at Georgia State and I don't get to play with him much since the Atlanta Braves keep him busy.

  • Performance opportunities
    I'm always looking for performance opportunities....what musician isn't? I've just been thinking over everything lately and I hope to start my Doctorate back by summer later than the fall.

    I've spoken to my wife about audition for a couple of music schools for a DMA in Jazz...I would love to study in a different part of the country. I know my wife's issues would be finding work and leaving her mom here in Atlanta. Another issue would be any debt that's left at the time and selling the house.

    Part of me...believe it or not, is just curious to know if I would even pass an audition for another performance degree. If I don't get accepted, that that's the end of that. That would mean that once I'm done with teaching, I'll pursue it then. It would be for my own satisfaction and inner peace.

    However, if I got accepted and they offered money (a lot)...I would have to at least think about it. Don't ask why I'm obsessed about getting a Doctorate degree..for me (and maybe other black people), neither my parents went to school past the 8th grade. They lived in a time where family members had to work to provide for everyone in the family. Not that much different today, right? These days, a bachelors degree is very common. I want to prove to myself that I can accomplish something very difficult. Afterwards, I would purse full time college teaching or go back to a k-12 position.

    Even though I want to perform as much as possible, I was never the type of musician that wanted to spend 10 out of 12 months of the year on the road playing someone else's music. There are other ways of performing and not being so stressed out and I can play my music. That is what I always wanted to do: play my own music.

    That's it for now. In the next few days, I'm performing with a jazz choral group, a 10 piece top 40 band, and a jazz quartet....oh I forgot about the sunday gig with a trio. busy,busy...
  • More Gig photos
    Here are some random photos I took and various places I've been gigging.....

  • Pictures from Fiesta Latina Savannah GA
    This past weekend, I play with Serenata Band in Savannah, GA for the annual Fiesta Latina. This is a festival that the band is played before and it's in one of my favorite cities, Savannah. Enjoy!!!

  • time to get it done
    Things are starting to work out....I'm starting to build a studio of woodwind students again. I got hired to teach at Music and Arts teaching woodwinds. I taught there 15 years ago, but left to pursue graduate studies. I'm excited to be back there and I have students already. Looks like things are going in the positive direction.

    Something that my family has always told me: You can only worry about the things you can control...the other stuff, you have to trust in God and believe.

    Here's what I'm saying

    1. I can do something about how I feel....
    2. I can change my weight and looks
    3. Kids will be the ones who want the help
    4. I have to keep looking for gigs that pay....get my hustle on.
    5. I don't have to keep doing the same thing. My feelings of being stuck is "old school thinking" according to Robert Kiyosaki. I can actually do something about it

    So that's about it for now..

    BTW, I had a gig in Peachtree City , GA with the FlyCats for the Wounded Warrior Project....lots of fun

  • At home
    I was supposed to be at a rehearsal tonight, but I haven't been feeling too well for the last couple of days. I think it's because of my diet the last 4-5 days and the constant temperature changes. I'll try to go to bed early tonight and get some rest for the rest of the week.

    On the gig front, there are several performances coming up, including 2 trips to South Carolina and a trip to Savannah, GA, all gigs. Good's good to be an employed individual in this economy. Actually, the rest of the year looks pretty good for gigs...I'm so ready for summer to be over. TOO MUCH DRAMA!!!

    On the school note, things are starting to get busy. The kids are getting used to being back in school and so am I. That's what has been on my mind lately. I don't want to say much, but I know personally, I'm ready to search for other opportunities. Not because of anything that is going on. A colleague of mine once stated that she never stayed anywhere longer than 5 years in her career. She figured that if you stay in one place too long, there is no growth in your skills. Laziness sets in and before you know it, you're stuck in a rut.

    I would love to move out of state...or at least out of Atlanta for a while. I've live in the same area all of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love Atlanta, but I want to experience other places and other situations. I don't know if these things will happen, but I don't want to sit around one day and say " I wish I would have.........." I don't want to live a life of regret.

    I also understand that I have responsibilities, a wife and 2 kids. I also understand that a part of living is taking calculated risk. No risk: no reward. It's a juggling act I've been dealing with for 12 years. I'll just have to keep praying about it and see where God wants me to be.
  • New Directions
    It looks like things are going in another direction..Here's how

    1. I will not be teaching at GPC this semester. Due to "financial hardship" the college is going through, all departments had to scale back with staff and class offerings. The two classes I was scheduled to teach were dropped due to low enrollment (jazz history) or given to a full time professor (music appreciation). This is the second semester I'm not teaching there. We're at a point where I need to find other work. At least I'm still teaching public school.

    2. I have started back teaching private lessons...with everything that I was doing in the last year, I really didn't have the time to devote to private students. Now seems to be the opportunity to get back in.

    3. I have stopped my PH.D pursuit...right now I can't afford to travel to Athens on a regular basis for class. there were some other issues that I have already gone over in a previous post.

    4. CD is out and I'm already working on another one....