Lauren LoGiudice is a solo performer, actor, and writer. Her plays and solo work are known for their poignantly cutting analysis of loneliness and isolation in contemporary culture, and the exploration of identity in a world of labels. A Wesleyan graduate, Lauren completed the prestigious William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India studying classical dance and the T. Schreiber Conservatory in New York. Early in her career, Lauren caught the attention of The New York Times, as well as several industry greats, including Emmy Award Nominee Patricia McCorkle, who later was Lauren’s mentor to her first solo show “Queens Girl.” The show toured to worldwide acclaim and was featured in Backstage as a noteworthy acting accomplishment. “Queens Girl” was performed in numerous venues including: Stockholm Pride House, Dixon Place (Hot Festival), Marigny Theatre (New Orleans), Stage Left Studio (NY), Radar Reading Series (SF Library with Michele Tea), Climate Theater (SF) and the Someday Lounge (Portland). McCorkle says of the piece: "Lauren's story may be nontraditional, but it's her 'traditional' family's point of view that gives this show such life...a fascinating story made most memorable by the characters she brings to tell it."
Following the run of “Queens Girl,” Lauren was cast in several national commercials, feature films, and television programs, including “Bridal Party,” “All My Children,” “Flick’s Chicks” and Zappos. She was invited several times to perform her solo work and character sketches in Rome, Italy. Her latest feature film, “When Harry Tries to Marry” opened theatrically last spring. Lauren was called a “rising star” (Queens Courier) for her character. Her work has been featured by The New York Times, Backstage, BBC, Courier Sun, America Oggi, Queens Courier, and Roma C’e.

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