Big Picture. New Insights. Better Decisions.

Like islands in the sea, cultural activities appear at first to be independent from each other — but underneath the surface, they're all connected.

Archipelago is your resource for connecting the dots. Designed by Fractured Atlas for the private use of one of the nation's largest arts funders, Archipelago is now available to arts councils, foundations, local governments, service organizations, and anyone else who wants to understand who's making art, who's engaging with it, where it's happening, and how it's made possible in their community.

Backed by a powerful, flexible interface, Archipelago renders beautiful visualizations of the cultural sector for use in your next presentation, meeting, advocacy campaign, or docket review. It points out disparities of access, facilitates comparisons or connections between organizations, and provides a foundation for market analysis.

Each Archipelago-powered regional implementation features rich, up-to-date data on arts organizations, arts spaces, and local community demographics. Optional add-on data sets include audience members, grants, and more. And that's just the beginning. Archipelago also serves as a powerful collaboration platform for your team. Save the maps you create and share them with other users, add notes and tags to specific organizations, and upload your own proprietary data sets to the mix.

Sound like fun?

To find out how Archipelago can serve your arts community, get in touch with Alison Conard:

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