Health Insurance

How's this for a radical notion?

"Artists need health insurance, too."

Fractured Atlas is a leading national nonprofit arts service organization providing affordable health insurance options to artists nation-wide. Before choosing an insurance carrier to partner with, we research them inside and out. We want to make sure the ones who get our members' money are the highest-rated and most reputable in the business.

In addition to affordable premiums, enrollees get value-added free services like Health Proponent, which can assist with figuring out-of-pocket expenses, finding treatment centers, and negotiating lower fees from health care providers.

Not every artist will be rich and famous. But no one should be forced out of the industry by a lack of health insurance.

"I was researching health insurance on the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) website, which led me to Fractured Atlas.  I was intrigued by Fractured Atlas's mission and joined [in 2003], figuring that as it grew, even more services would be available to me…which has been true." Ellen Priest, Visual Artist, Philadelphia, PA

"Last August we welcomed our first child into the world (a son, Avery), so having good health coverage was a priority.  My husband is also a freelancer, so he doesn't have coverage through an employer.  Without Fractured Atlas, I'm not sure what we'd have done!  Glad I didn't have to think about that." Writer/actor Cara Winter, Chicago IL.