International Artist Visas

Obtaining an international visa to work as an artist in the United States is a time-consuming and tedious process. Government bureaucracy and red tape are a hassle, especially when you're only going to be working in the country for a short amount of time. As part of this lengthy process, artists and arts organizations may need to obtain a letter of consultation that vouches for artistic excellence. These can be difficult to get without the backing of a union or trade association. Fractured Atlas can help.

If you are an artist or creative professional who is working with an immigration lawyer on an O-1 Visa application, Fractured Atlas can review materials and write a letter of consultation. Our staff has expertise in a variety of artistic disciplines and genres, and the breadth of our experience ensures that we can verify and attest to the work. We can make this process quick, easy, and efficient. Since the launch of this service, we've helped over 50 artists in 17 different countries obtain clearance to work in the United States.