Liability Insurance

On the spectrum of "creative and sexy" to "breathtakingly boring", art lies at one end and insurance is at the other.

But try telling that to the performing arts venue you need to use for a show. Or to the film equipment shop where you rent your cameras and lights. Or the city agency that's commissioning a new work of public art.

Whether we like it or not, insurance is a necessity in this industry. At least Fractured Atlas makes it painless.

Artists need quality coverage, and we use the power of our numbers to advocate for the best rates from top-ranked insurance carriers. We bound 1,740 policies in FY2008 and FY2009, often saving members 50-75% off industry-standard premiums. We've covered a New Orleans musician who had his sound equipment looted in Hurricane Gustav. We cover Paul Tzanetopoulos, the public artist and creator of the LAX Gateway Pylon Project. And we cover some of the most engaging and innovative creative work around, like Chicago's 500 Clown, acclaimed filmmaker Harmony Korine, DJ Spooky, Rennie Harris PureMovement and Radiohole, recipients of the 2009 Spalding Gray Award.

We've got General Liability, Equipment, Event, Directors & Officers Liability and the first Public Art Insurance program in the country. Last year, we began offering Teaching Artist Liability, Volunteer Accident, and Filmmakers Errors and Omissions. You can ask for quotes, find more information, even file a claim right on our site.

If our artists need liability coverage, we figure out a way to get it. Better yet, we do it at rates that won't bust their budgets.

"Fractured Atlas' support lets us focus on what we do best: making art." Tom Loughlin, photographer and creator of "Pictures of You: Images From Iran," currently touring the country, based in Crested Butte CO.

"Flying Art's membership with Fractured Atlas has allowed us to develop as a legitimate, well-organized organization, while keeping our focus directly on our program." Sarah Young, Director/Founder of Flying Art, New York NY.

Check it out - the software we built to manage our liability insurance program works so well that insurance companies that cover our members now use it. One insurer was spending $250 on administration with each policy. With our software, that's down to $10. And that savings is passed on to our members.