Online Community

As a national, multi-disciplinary arts organization, our members are spread far and wide. But there's a place where they can all come together.

Our website is a place for candid and uncensored communication between our members, a place where artists can meet, confer, advise and collaborate. Multi-media queer theorists, theatrical archivists, abstract art-collectives, all-female tap dance companies, blues musicians, baroque ensembles, conceptual art journals — they can all come together at

We set up groups on social networking sites like Facebook and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. We're part of YouTube's Nonprofit Program. We offer comprehensive Member Directories with blog feeds and photo streams.

Staff members contribute regularly to the Fractured Atlas Blog, where they share arts industry news, discuss ideas, debate policy, post jobs and opportunities spotlight member artists' work, and put forth a modest proposal or two.

We've built an online universe where our members can publicize their work, post press releases, get the word out, create the buzz, get butts in the seats — for all the performances and classes and exhibitions and events and installations.

We want all artists and arts groups to know about us and how we can help. We want to know what they need that we're not doing yet. And we want our members' work to get out there in the world where it can do some good.