Shut Up Emily Dickinson, Part 2

Campaign expired on Jan 24, 2012

In my first campaign, the goal was to raise $1000 in order to apply for a fancy grant as per my fiscal sponsorship agreement with Fractured Atlas. We got halfway there! That means I was not able to apply for the grant. So I'm trying again. Another fancy grant deadline is coming up, and I want to be prepared well in advance.

"Shut Up, Emily Dickinson" is my latest play. Everyone knows that Emily Dickinson was a great American poet. I had an inkling that she was also an incredibly annoying person. With a little help from Wikipedia, I stumbled upon a quote that supports this notion. From Thomas Higginson: "He also felt that he never was 'with any one who drained my nerve power so much. Without touching her, she drew from me. I am glad not to live near her'." Vindicated!!!

As you can see, it is vital that I bring this side of her personality to light. Your donation will help me get some super fancy money to make this show a reality. All contributions will go toward the costs of the extremely extensive sound design, accurate period costume, and set design. If we raise more than what we've requested, even better! The funds will be a nice back up plan in case the grant money does not come through. But it will. Because of The Secret.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the first campaign! You will qualify for the perks listed to the right. Please do not feel like you should contribute again. If you want to help, spread the word!

About Tanya O'Debra

Tanya O’Debra is an art doer. She does art that is mostly comedy. Here are a few paragraphs describing the kind of art that Tanya O’Debra has did, and any accomplishments that sound fancy after doing such arts.

First thing’s first. Tanya O’Debra is a pageant winner. Miss O’Debra is the reigning Miss Fag Hag!!! What must one do to achieve such an honor? One must wear evening wear, answer gay questions, do a talent, and present one’s gay in a swimsuit. A panel of judges including John Cameron Mitchell, Michael Musto, and Leslie Jordan along with a pack of rabid gays decided that Miss O’Debra did this the haggiest. Hence she won a crown and a sash stating that she is, in fact, Miss Fag Hag 2010. In addition to winning the crown, Miss O’Debra won the Skinny Girl Margarita Online Video Challenge for her Miss Fag Hag Video.
Formerly of the comic sister duo, The O'Debra Twins, Miss O’Debra has been a mainstay of the New York underground theatre/comedy scene since the dawn of time. As a twin and otherwise, she’s written numerous comedy sketches and short films, and she's performed at venues such as Joe’s Pub, Ars Nova, The Cutting Room, Comix, CSV, PS 122, and The Ohio Theatre. She was a member of Mo’s Hoes, the in-house sketch comedy team for Radical Vaudeville, which ran twice monthly for two years at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction. She was the co-host of the hit open mic SHOW & TELL at The Bowery Poetry Club for five years.

Before The O'Debra Twins, Miss O'Debra graduated from AMDA. She is in equal parts proud and ashamed of this fact. Before AMDA, Miss O’Debra lived in the Greater Boston Area, an area of which she is a native. Here is a hilarious fact. Tanya O’Debra was a member of Boston’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Full Body Cast. She sometimes played Janet.

Tanya O’Debra writes plays. She co-wrote and co-directed Fuck You or Dead Pee-Holes; an American Tale in Thirteen Acts, which won The Excellence Award in Overall Production at Fringe NYC, the festival's top honor. Her play, Radio Star, enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after which it was produced by The Horse Trade Group and ran at The Red Room for two months. Radio Star was nominated for three New York Innovative Theatre Awards: Outstanding Full Length Script, Outstanding Original Music, and Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role.

Miss O’Debra is now working with a sketch team called Beaches 2. The group consists of six members: Mary Crosbie, Tobly McSmith, Bob Thompson, Drae Campbell, Ben Lerman and Tanya O’Debra. The group tackles a different kind of joke every time they write a new show. Past themes include farts, the holidays, and John Travolta.

Miss O’Debra is currently pregnant with twin unicorns.

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    Nov 3, 2011
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    Nov 2, 2011