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We help artists and arts organizations raise funds for creative projects.

At Fractured Atlas, we believe that artists should be able to spend time on their art. Fiscal sponsorship allows artists and arts organizations to solicit tax-deductible donations and apply for grants, without going through the onerous process of launching a 501(c)(3). Learn more about fiscal sponsorship.

Featured Projects for October 20, 2019

Frazee Feet Dance
A dance company that blends the lines between classical ballet and modern dance.
Dance · Rochester, NY, NY, United States
Sponsored since Nov 24, 2018
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After a horrific accident, Amy vows if she survives she will have her Victory Dance!
Film/Video/Media · New York, NY, United States
Sponsored since Aug 22, 2018
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little victor productions
Theatre for the People.
Theatre · New York, NY, United States
Sponsored since Dec 29, 2015
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Faith Matters Network
Faith + Moral Imagination = Social Transformation
Film/Video/Media · Nashville, TN, United States
Sponsored since Aug 31, 2015
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From the Ruby Lounge
Ten monologues, each told by a different employee within the same fictional Portland strip club.
Theatre · Portland, OR, United States
Sponsored since Dec 9, 2017
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Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet
Ken Ludden, Choreographer and Artistic Director
Dance · Prescott, AZ, United States
Sponsored since Apr 10, 2017
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Multidisciplinary, multicultural theatre
Theatre · New York, NY
Sponsored since Feb 10, 2003
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The Songwriter's Orchestra
Singer/songwriters paired with 11 orchestral musicians to produce genre defying arrangements.
Music · New York, NY
Sponsored since Dec 31, 2014
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