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The Bastette Group

A newly founded multidisciplinary collective of female artists

The Bastette Group was founded by Megan Spatz, with the goal to provide opportunity for women to hone, explore and share the skills of their craft fueled by a shared creative goal. Rigor Samsa is the first project for the Bastette Group, a gathering of female artists, designers, directors, producers, cinematographers, choreographers, and most importantly collaborators.
The first collaboration of the team, it is a collection of ten music videos, using the music from artist "Perilune".

The music videos are strung together with a loose narrative.

The concept for the narrative of the series, and for each music video, was created between all the collaborators during the first few months of the year. Everyone weighed in and had a voice in the story we wanted to tell, and how we wanted to tell it. Now that we are in production, each video is made with a different team working on it, with people switching roles from director to production designer, from wardrobe to dancer, etc. Each member of this team will become more well-rounded in skill as we mentor each other and alternate roles.

Each video is thoroughly concepted, and throughout the series we are using traditional and experimental camera techniques, projections, underwater photography, stop motion, experimental choreography, etc.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of The Bastette Group at this time.
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