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Music Lens

Fostering creativity and confidence through music

Music Lens is a free introductory music program for elementary schoolers. For lower-income working parents, it fills a need for enriching childcare at a familiar location, and for kids, it’s a supportive, high-energy, and creative experience in a subject they might never have known they loved. Although we spend our days learning music theory and history and listening to classical masterpieces, Music Lens feels like a camp, not a school. Kids come away remembering a magical week of possibility, discovery, and excitement, and classical music organically becomes a valued part of their lives.

We have already run three highly successful summers in Boston and are ready to bring the program to Cleveland, where there are no other free summer programs that are as specialized and thoughtfully-planned. In Cleveland, 52% of children live below the poverty line, and their families are unable to afford other summer programming.

Within the past three months, we have assembled a Cleveland team, partnered with four program host locations, and received half of our fundraising goal in pledges. In the coming months, we will be interviewing and training college-music-student teachers, advertising to our target communities, and completing a yearly curriculum refinement. Since we do not charge our students and are a non-profit organization, we’re looking for donors interested in our tremendous potential for community improvement.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Music Lens at this time.
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