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We will understand your needs as a creative professional.

All of us at Fractured Atlas are creative types and we've all worked in the field at some point in our lives. We understand the challenges you face because we've been there ourselves.

We will not judge your artistic/creative work.

Fractured Atlas is strictly non-curatorial. There's no one definition of "art", and we don't claim to have one. If you feel like you fit in the Fractured Atlas community, then we welcome you.

We will listen to your questions or concerns and respond with honesty and candor.

Please be honest and forthright with us if you are dissatisfied, confused, or concerned. We can't promise we can solve your problem, but we will do our best to help.

We will respond to customer service inquiries within one business day.

If you contact us on a Wednesday, you should hear back before 6PM ET on Thursday.

We will happily refer you to other resources if we're unable to meet your needs.

We do a lot, but we can't solve every problem. If we can't help directly, we'll try to connect you with someone who can.

We will leverage technology to make our services fast, easy, and accessible.

We're always working to improve our website and systems. If you have an idea for making something better, please let us know.

We will respect you as an individual and a colleague.