Fractured Atlas
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This is an archived post from our old blog. It's here for the sake of posterity (and to keep the search engines happy). Our new blog can be found at

Bad music for a good cause

Randomville is a webzine that covers music, film, graphic arts, and all kinds of pop culture goodness. They’ve been around for 4+ years and each year they choose a charitable organization to receive donations raised through a unique fundraising effort called The Torturethon. This year they chose Fractured Atlas!

The Torturethon is basically an opportunity to “torture” yourself with a particular song that you loathe by agreeing to listen to it over and over repeatedly for as long as you can. Participants are (thankfully!) sponsored for their suffering, and the proceeds go to a worthy cause. Randomville has also generously agreed to match 50% of the funds raised!

Fractured Atlas is honored to have been chosen and I encourage you to check out Randomville's reviews and message boards. If interested you can sign up for the Torturethon here.

The only question left is which song will you choose? If it were me, I'd go for anything by Meatloaf, but don't let me influence your decision ;)