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This is an archived post from our old blog. It's here for the sake of posterity (and to keep the search engines happy). Our new blog can be found at

Unbooked Rental Times Made Searchable via Spaces

Imagine unbooked rehearsal and performance rental times across New York City being matched to renters looking for those exact rental times, simply by venues sharing their calendar via Sure, many venues these days display a rental calendar on their own website (this is helpful) but I'm talking about aggregating unbooked rental times into a searchable marketplace (now we're talking über helpful). Need a space in a specific part of the city, of a certain size, affordable rental rate and on a specific date and time? will match you to unbooked space via the new Availability search filter.

Sound too good, too convenient, too useful to be true? Here is how this new feature (part of the NYC Performing Arts Spaces 2.0 launch) breaks down:

How does Availability  search work? Renters who search for a specific date and time using the Availability search filter will be matched to unbooked times of space listings upgraded with the new feature Share My Calendar. You can still apply other filters (i.e. rate, location, size) to narrow down search results further.

What does this mean for venues interested in Share My Calendar? Sharing My Calendar does not display any specific information about bookings, it simply displays if a time is available or not. Unbooked times are included in Availability search results and automatically refreshed once a day.

How does a calendar get shared? We are currently focusing on iCalendar data feeds which are largely ubiquitous across different calendar software including Google, Outlook, Daylite, Appointment Plus, etc. As we move from Private Beta into Open Beta (Spring 2012) we will strategically explore integrating with other calendar software used in the arts and culture sector and keeping in mind we have Spaces websites in 10 other cities.

No, but seriously HOW is the calendar data shared... technically? Technically a calendar is shared via a url of a web-hosted version of that same calendar. This does not mean your calendar needs to be public. You can share a privately we-bhosted calendar and display your unbooked times as "Available".

What if I use more than one calendar to manage events in my space? You can enter 1 - n icalendar data feeds to reflect availability within  the marketplace.

Can you help me picture this concept? See below


As product manager of Spaces I'm super excited about Availability Search. I see great potential in saving venues and artists valuable time and resources. I also see a unique opportunity to leverage the marketplace of to better manage unused space or low traffic rental times across the field of performing arts. I encourage you to check out the listings of our early adapter beta tester rock star venues as well as giving Availability Search a go. Let me know what you think.    - Lisa Niedermeyer

Gibney Dance Center

Opera America / National Opera Center

New York Live Arts

Stage Left Studio

Lotus Music & Dance


The Green Building

Topaz Arts Center

Green Space

Chez Bushwick

Fourth Arts Block

Galaxy Smith Recording Studio

Center for Performance Research

36 Street Studio

The Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet

Space on White

Learn more about Share My Calendar including a short video overview.

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