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Legal Webinars for the Arts

Fractured Atlas, in collaboration with Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Esq. are pleased to announce a three-part webinar series focused on legal topics.  This series will cover the legal and business issues that affect individual artists of all arts disciplines and individuals within arts institutions.

Here is the schedule:

September 26th: Should I Start an arts nonprofit 501(c)(3)?
As artists we all need money in order to realize our projects. Many artists have heard, and thus believe, that an arts nonprofit is the proper method to raise money for their art projects. But is it? What do we gain, but more importantly, what do we lose when we start what's called a nonprofit 501(c)(3)? When is this model correct and for what type of projects? What are alternatives? How else can artists ask for and raise tax-exempt donations?

$25 for Fractured Atlas or Clancco e-Newsletter Member
$35 for non-members

October 22nd: Contracts and Agreements for Visual and Performing Artists
Artists are always entering into relationships with other artists, galleries, venues, or hired hands. What's the best way to negotiate an agreement and memorialize it? Can an oral agreement be binding? What happens when one party does not abide by the agreement, and what are your resources? What are the essential factors to a contract

$35 for Fractured Atlas or Clancco e-Newsletter Member
$45 for non-members

November 12th: Copyright for Visual and Performing Artists
Regardless of your artistic medium, the hot topics today are copyright and fair use. Whether you're a photographer, painter, sculptor, musician, filmmaker, designer, or thespian, chances are copyright laws apply to you. Digital media and the internet have only heightened our need to know how one may appropriate and use copyrighted works while simultaneously increasing our need to know how best to protect our creative works. What is and is not protected by copyright? What is infringement? What is fair use? And what recourse do artists have against allegations of infringement? How can artists protect their own creative works?

$35 for Fractured Atlas or Clancco e-Newsletter Member
$45 for non-members

Each webinar starts at 6pm EST and is 90 minutes.  Sign up for these webinars with artist and arts lawyer, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento. The webinars will be 1 1/2 hours long, with the last 15 minutes available for Q&A.

If you’d like to participate in all three, we have a package deal:
$75 for Fractured Atlas or Clancco e-Newsletter Member
$100 for non-members