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Upcoming Grant Deadlines: Summer Edition

This will be my final regular grant deadline posts until the Fall. For all opportunities, please visit the website of the Foundation for application instructions and complete guidelines.

Chicken and Egg Pictures is accepting applications for its 2014 Open Call for Grants.

Description: Chicken & Egg Pictures’ 2014 Open Call grant process will open June 1st. Chicken & Egg Pictures supports women non-fiction filmmakers whose diverse voices and dynamic storytelling have the power to catalyze change, at home and around the globe. They are looking for filmmakers with powerful stories, unique access to their subjects, a collaborative spirit, and the courage to take creative risks.

In anticipation of Chicken & Egg Pictures' upcoming 10th anniversary, priority will be given to projects that feature women and girls on screen as prominent characters and storytellers.They're looking to discovering new voices that continue to address the global justice, human rights, and environmental issues of our time — with women and girls at the center.

Geographic Focus: National

Deadline: The early-bird application deadline is Tuesday, June 17, 2014, by 6:00 PM EST, and the final deadline is Tuesday, July 1, 2014, also by 6:00 PM EST.

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music is accepting proposals for its Performing Ensembles Program.

Description: The objective of the Performing Ensembles Program is to support performing organizations whose artistic excellence encourages and improves public knowledge and appreciation of serious contemporary American music. Funds are available for General Operating Support or Project Support for professional performing ensembles with a history of substantial commitment to contemporary American music and with plans to continue that commitment. In general, grants range from $1,000 to $20,000. Grant amounts for larger performing organizations with a demonstrated extraordinary commitment to contemporary American music may exceed these amounts at the discretion of the panel. Please note that the awarding of a grant in one year does not imply continuation of that support in subsequent years.

Geographic Focus: National

Deadline: June 30, 2014

The Alexia Foundation is accepting applications for its Women's Initiative Grant program.

Description: The Alexia Foundation offers production grants to students and professional photographers to give them the financial ability to produce substantial stories that drive change in the effort to make the world a better place. The 2014 Women's Initiative Grant will provide a $25,000 grant for a project to be produced on a significant issue involving and affecting women anywhere in the world.

The Alexia Foundation's main purpose is to encourage and help photojournalists create stories that drive change. While our traditional grant guidelines put no limits on the subject matter for grant proposals, a number of proposals about women's rights in the last few years have been so powerful that we have been compelled to create a grant specifically on issues relating to women.

Unlike the first Women's Initiative grant, which specifically focused on abuse of women in the United States, this call for entries is open to photographers any where in the world and is intended to permit the photographer to produce a serious documentary photographic project encompassing any issue involving women anywhere in the world.

Geographic Focus: International

Deadline: June 30, 2014

The Fledgling Fund will be accepting letters of inquiry for Film and Creative Media Grants.

Description: The Fledgling Fund is a private foundation driven by the passionate belief that film can inspire a better world. Most of these grants support outreach and audience engagement for social issue documentaries and range from smaller planning grants to implementation grants for projects that have a clear plan ready to launch. A small number of these grants support post-production for timely projects that have strong social change potential. They typically range from $5,000 to $30,000.

Geographic Focus: National and International (with US-based fiscal sponsor or tax-exempt status).

Deadline: Funding Cycle opens on June 16, 2014. Letters of Inquiry are due July 15, 2014. Final Submission deadline is September 18, 2014.

The Propeller Fund is accepting proposals for Chicago area visual arts projects.

Description: Propeller Fund recognizes that small, self-organized operations constitute a large catalyst for the creative activity and vitality of the Chicago visual art world. These projects are responsible for much of the complexity and richness in the art community. From artist organized events, informal roundtables and workshops, collectively organized exhibition spaces, and publishing endeavors, a large number of the activities that actively sustain Chicago's artists are informal, anti-institutional, or inconsistent in public presentation. These three attributes simultaneously fuel projects and disqualify them from traditional funding sources.

This informal and self-organized creative activity is abundant in Chicago. Propeller Fund is conceptualized to stimulate its further growth; to encourage more varied models; to spread the activities into more diverse areas; to promote the public's interaction with, and public recognition of such activities; and to spark ambitions beyond current formats.

Propeller Fund will provide support at two levels: five grants at $6,000 and ten grants at $2,000. The two-tiered funding structure spread amongst 15 projects is devised first and foremost to provide substantial support for major costs—printing, rental, honoraria, material, shipping, research time. The aim is to ensure that each project will reach completion and has the resources to live up to its ambitions. Artists, curators, and groups residing in Cook County are eligible to apply.

Geographic Focus: Cook County, IL

Deadline: August 1, 2014

The Leeway Foundation is accepting proposals for its Art and Change grant.

Description: The Art and Change Grant provides project-based grants of up to $2,500 to women and trans artists in the Delaware Valley region to fund art for social change projects.

Art for social change is art with a vision and impacts people in many ways. It can: raise consciousness; alter how we think about ourselves, our society, or our culture; create a vision of a more just world; be a tool or strategy for organizing and movement-building; reclaim traditional cultural practices as a form of resistance or community building; challenge racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism or other forms of oppression; and question mainstream culture and beliefs.

With the ideals of social change in mind, The Leeway Foundation created its grant programs to challenge the norms of traditional grantmaking. It seeks to recognize women and trans artists whose work is often ignored, silenced, and marginalized because of what they create or who they are - such as people of color; immigrants; gay, lesbian, and bisexual people; poor and working-class people; and people who take risks with art form and content to share their social change vision.

Geographic Focus: Delaware Valley region (Bucks, Camden, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia Counties),  PA

Deadline: August 1, 2014

Open Meadows Foundation is accepting proposals for project support.

Description: Open Meadows Foundation is a grant-making organization seeking projects that promote gender/racial/economic justice. The projects must be led by and benefit women and girls, particularly those from vulnerable communities. Open Meadows Foundation funds projects that do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual identity and expression, age or ability. It offers grants up to $2000 to projects that:

  • Are designed and implemented by women and girls

  • Reflect the diversity of the community served by the project in both its leadership and organization

  • Promote building community power

  • Have limited financial access or have encountered obstacles in their search for funding.

Organizational budget should not exceed $150,000. Small and start-up organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.

Geographic Focus: National

Deadline: August 15, 2014

New York City Funding Update: If you live and work in New York City, check out your borough’s grant opportunities for this coming fall:

Queens Council on the Arts: Queens Art Fund grant applications are usually due in October. Check back in July 2014 for updated application information.
Brooklyn Arts Council: Community Arts Fund grants were due in Sept. 2013 for 2014 funding. Check their website throughout the Summer for updated information about the 2015 cycle.
Staten Island Arts: The grant application will like be released in late summer 2014. Check their website for updates.
Bronx Council on the Arts: Applications for 2014 funding was due in Nov. 2013. Keep an eye out for updated deadlines in late Summer or early Fall 2014.
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council: New information on the 2015 grant cycle will be announced in June 2014.