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How to Link your RocketHub campaign to Fractured Atlas

RocketHub may sound like a NASA program, but it's actually one of Fractured Atlas's crowdfunding partners!   Launched in 2010, RocketHub is a crowdfunding platform that allows arts, science, and other projects to raise funds anywhere in the world. The partnership with RocketHub allows our fiscally sponsored projects to use RocketHub’s crowdfunding platform to solicit tax-deductible donations at no additional cost.  Fractured Atlas will receive all of the donations throughout the course of the campaign, and therefore the donations will only be assessed the Fractured Atlas 7% administrative fee, regardless of whether or not the campaign’s goal is met. Because Fractured Atlas will be processing all of the donations, the campaigns will not be subject to RocketHub’s fee structure. All funds will be released using Fractured Atlas’s standard fund release process.

rh-logo2In order for this to work, the RocketHub campaign will need to be directly linked to your fiscally sponsored project.  You can follow these steps to make sure your campaign is successfully connected to Fractured Atlas.

If you’ve never run a RocketHub campaign:

  1. Log on to and go to your My Fiscal Sponsorship page.

  2. Click “Accessorize!” and you’ll see a list of services to which you can link your fiscal sponsorship.

  3. Click “RocketHub” (click it again), and a sidebar will appear containing information about RocketHub and its partnership with Fractured Atlas.RocketHub Welcome Page

  4. Click “Connect your project to RocketHub.” When you click this link, you’ll land on a welcome page showing the Fractured Atlas logo. Click “Launch your project” and you’ll be led to a sign up page where you can choose to create login credentials or login using Facebook. This is the information you’ll use to log back into RocketHub to continue to manage or launch your campaigns. This account is linked to Fractured Atlas.

  5. Create your campaign! The RocketHub website will walk you through the process of creating your campaign, including choosing a title and category, listing the goods you’ll offer, and setting up your profile.  For tips about how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, click here.  You can also visit RocketHub’s own Success School.

  6. Review & Submit once your campaign is complete and you’re ready for us to review it. Fractured Atlas will receive an email notification alerting us that you’re ready to have your campaign reviewed and approved. We’ll review it within 5 business days (though we can usually review it within 1-2), and we’ll approve it if we think it’s ready to go. If we have questions or edits for the campaign, we’ll reach out to you directly by email to address our concerns. Once approved, the campaign will immediately launch and you’ll receive an email from RocketHub containing a link to the live campaign.

To Launch a second campaign connected to Fractured Atlas:

  1. Create a new campaign using your existing RocketHub account that you’ve used for your Fractured Atlas campaigns in the past. Proceed as above. Your account has been linked to Fractured Atlas, so if you create your new campaign using the same account, the campaign should also be connected to Fractured Atlas.

If you’ve run a RocketHub campaign outside of your fiscal sponsorship:

  1. And you want your account to be connected to Fractured Atlas, then you can reach out to RocketHub team to have the account connected. They’ll need your fiscal sponsorship project ID, so it would be a good idea to email first to retrieve your project ID. It might be a good idea to set up a separate account for your fiscally sponsored project just to keep your non-profit account separate from your existing account.

  2. And you’ve created another campaign, it can be connected to Fractured Atlas before it is launched by sending your Fractured Atlas project ID to the RocketHub team. Then, you’ll need to edit your goods to reflect any relevant non-deductible amounts before you review and submit as above.

  3. And you’ve created another campaign that has launched, it can be converted and linked to Fractured Atlas if it has not received any donations. If it has received any donations, the campaign cannot be converted for accounting reasons. In this case, you’ll need to let the campaign run its course separate from your fiscal sponsorship or you can launch a new Fractured Atlas connected campaign.

It is very important that your campaign is linked to Fractured Atlas or we will not be able to process the donations and they will not be tax-deductible. If you are ever concerned about whether or not your campaign is successfully linked to Fractured Atlas, please email directly to find out.  We’re unable to see the campaign until it is submitted for review, so the RocketHub team will let you know whether or not it is connected. Here are some tips for checking on it yourself. If you do not see one of these features, then your campaign is probably not linked to Fractured Atlas and you should contact RocketHub to have it connected.

  1. Check for the Fractured Atlas logo. If your campaign is linked to your fiscal sponsorship, the Fractured Atlas logo will appear at the bottom of the campaign.standard-text-and-logo2

  2. Check for the Fractured Atlas Standard Text. The standard text will appear at the bottom of the campaign description, just above the “Tagged With” section.

  3. Check for the “Non Tax-Deductible Amount.” If your campaign is linked, then a field marked “non tax-deductible amount” will appear above the “Title” field when you set up the goods offered in your campaign. The text “Amount over $X is tax-deductible” will automatically appear for each partially deductible giving level.

After your campaign has been reviewed and approved, you’ll be ready for take-off in 3…2….1…. Happy Fundraising!