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Mass Appeal: Top-Notch Fundraising Appeals - BoxoPROJECTS

We're continuing our round up of top-notch fundraising appeals this week with BoxoPROJECTS's submission. BoxoPROJECTS is a Fractured Atlas fiscally-sponsored project that supports emerging and mid-career artists in developing their work and in gaining a wider audience for their efforts through an arts residency and programming series in Joshua Tree, CA, and a non-traditional exhibition and programming space operating in New York City.

Earlier this year BoxoPROJECTS hosted a fundraising event supporting their arts residency program, BoxoHOUSE. Project founder Bernard Liebov designed this beautiful and well composed program that succeeds at both giving attendees a clear idea of the project's impact, by featuring enrapturing photographs of artistic works completed by participating artists, but also evoking the emotion of cathartic emptiness of the residency's locale which inspires such contemplative artwork.

What makes this a top-notch appeal:

  • Show Don't Tell: Since this booklet was designed to be a program for a fundraising event for BoxoPROJECTS, it was integral that this piece was as exciting to look at as it was to read about. The arresting images of the residency location and the art inspired by the program does a great job of capturing the reader's attention in both a logical and emotional way.

  • Synergy: BoxoPROJECTS's two projects, BoxoHOUSE and BoxoOFFICE help inspire artists to create new work and then exhibit their work to the public. Showing how these two programs are interconnected and build off each other to support a more holistic experience for the participating artists helps build a strong case.

  • Tangible Needs = Tangible Donations: Just like in last week's Mass Appeal, BoxoPROJECTS links their giving levels to the very real and tangible needs their organization faces. Doing this helps donors to gain a greater sense of ownership of their philanthropy and how their money is being spent.

Think you have a top-notch fundraising appeal? Send a PDF copy of your appeal along with a description of your organization or project to with the subject line “Mass Appeal Submission” and you and your project may be featured on our blog!