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Mass Appeal: Top-Notch Fundraising Appeals - The Movement Theatre Company

We're back this week with another stellar fundraising appeal from The Movement Theatre Company, a fiscally-sponsored project of Fractured Atlas. The Movement Theatre Company is a New York City-based theatre company that is dedicated to developing new works by artists of color and producing work that highlights both the collective and diverse human experience.

When The Movement Theatre Company's end of the year appeal landed in my inbox, the subject line stopped me in my tracks... "Subject: Give a _UCK!" Many thoughts raced through my head when I saw that subject line. They ranged from curiosity to concern. Had I inadvertently offended someone at the company? Did I fail to come through on a promise? But once I opened the e-mail, my fears were assuaged and I shared in the cheeky ploy. Now, to pull something like this off, you need to know your audience very well. Expletive-baiting won't work with every crowd, but, at least with me, the email walked that fine line between lightheartedness and vulgarity perfectly.

Here's what makes this appeal top-notch:

  • Be Bold - Standing out from the crowd is doubly important during the holidays when donors are inundated with end of the year appeals for funding. Making a bold statement can be just the impact you need to make a lasting impression.

  • Tangible Needs = Tangible Donations - Like the other appeals featured in this series, The Movement Theatre Company does a great job at attaching real tangible costs to the giving levels they've suggested.

  • Have Fun! - The best thing about this appeal, in my opinion, is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. They know you're reading a million identical form letters asking for your money. The people behind this appeal have gone the extra mile to make this experience not only meaningful, but entertaining! Also, major props for the holiday throwback video at the end. #viralmasterpiece

Think you have a top-notch fundraising appeal? Send a PDF copy of your appeal along with a description of your organization or project to with the subject line “Mass Appeal Submission” and you and your project may be featured on our blog!