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OkTECHberfest: Tech Tools for the Arts part 1


It's probably not much of a secret that we love technology. Since day 1, we've been leveraging custom-built technology to address the challenges facing the arts community. It's one of the things that helped the organization to grow from a few hundred members back in the early aughts to over 29,000 members today. We love technology so much that we recently acquired a software development firm to expand our growing technology team. Our technology staff are spread out all over the country-- 8 states in all-- and this week they're all coming to our New York office for a big tech blow-out we're calling OkTECHberfest! (Yes, it's September, but Oktoberfest actually starts in September! The more you know!)

Why should you care? Well, we didn't want to keep all our nerdery to ourselves, so everyday this week we'll be asking our fabulous staffers what their favorite tech tools are and how they can be useful to artists and arts administrators! We're firm believers that technology can help everyone create their best work. So, without further ado... Allons-y! (If you don't get the gif link... ask your closest geek friend/coworker/bosom buddy)

GQueues - Google-Oriented Task Manager

Whether you're designing the next killer mobile app or wrangling a production schedule, it can be difficult to keep track of all the tasks you have to do, just to keep the wheels turning. Alison Conard, our Program Specialist for our cultural asset mapping software, Archipelago, keeps her head above water with GQueues, a Google-Oriented Task Manager. With this app you manage your to-do lists, create sub-tasks, assign tasks to team members, tag tasks, and more. But where GQueues is really helpful is the ability to integrate with your Google Calendars, G-mail, and Google Apps. You don't need to make a new password or username and can sign in with your Google login. Some of the app's more advanced features like Advanced Calendar Integration require a subscription fee ($25/month), but even without those features, GQueues can help you stay on task and make sure everyone on your team knows exactly what needs to be done.